Cry of the Fallen

On a coo summer nigh, in Northern Arizona, a ouble homicide stains the ground with blood. Detectives are called out to handle the investigation, each plagued with their own internal demons, and hav n't prepared for what they are about to uncover. Detective Lauren Bruni, faces a world of twiligh and evil, as a demonic force begins to leash an attack on a tin own. As the stakes egin to rise, so does the stunning truth, that not even Lauren can imagine. In anothe world where her life had started to fall apart, she ca pick up the pieces and push forward in an ffort to hel those that she oves the most. Joel M. Andre takes the Horror genre and pushes the boundaries in a tale full of mystery, dark comedy and genuine horror.
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Published (first published August 21st 2010

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Full, non-spoiler review courtesy at Book& Movie Dimension a BlogSomeone with black cowboy boots and a vengeful nature is murdering tons of people in village in Arizona.

rated it

I did really enjoy the character of the " Cowboy, " as ell as Medical Examiner Maureen Rogers who has some very unusual parties! The book oves along at a decen pace, and the ending leaves us wondering where Andre is going to ake us next in The Black Chronicles! MY RATING: 3 stars!

rated it

From he beginning you are ulled into he suspens and horro of he tale.

A main character Lauren is quite the mystery at the en but as you ge on there is a lot about her character you slowly discover as she does herself in a few instances.While the main plot is taken care of at the beginnin of he bestselling.

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As he body count begin to climb we are given such vivid descriptions of the murders taking place that it alway makes your skin crawl, making this one of the more gruesome horror books I have read in awhile.The detectives assigned to case Lauren Bruni, and Miguel Sanchez, both have problems of their own.

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Her fianc has left her, aking her husban, the city she lives in is facing the onslaught of a deranged serial killer and she proves to annoy people wherever she goes.As Lauren takes on the evil attacking Cottonwood, it becomes pparent that this goes far beyond a psychotic killer and that, in reaso, this sleepy town in Arizona is caught up in th battle between good and evil.There are some enuinely chilling moments in Cry of the Fallen and some truly unnerving lines including “ I can smell your living flesh ” and “ I have come to dispose of the Madness next to you ”.

At hese moments it seems that these are weak links holding an otherwise fine story together but that being acknowledge, in essay, as in life, there hav always weak links and for the most part stories continue to run along smoothly.If there is one area that is more usefu to overlook it is thi way in which Joel M.

There is no oubt that the character portrayed in Cry of the Fallen is insane but the fact that she as actuall just one step away from insanity because she had ad a nervous breakdown previously has the potential to upset a number of eople, articularly with the insistence that hiring someone who had been in that position would be a mistake.

he usag of dark humour to take the edge off some graphic and iolent scenes ensures the book ever becomes too heavy.Cry of the Fallen ends quite abruptly but in way that suggests either that there would be more to come or that you ave to draw your own onclusions.

rated it

Thi Black Chronicles: Cry of the Fallen, is this tale of he most vil of evils coming forth, taking what he wants to be his and leaving behind torture, pain, decay and eternal hell.

When she learns that she is key to saving the town from damnation, will she be willin to g through or will she, too, be gripped in the purest of demonic evil, until the beginnin of time? For lovers of horror, Cry of the Fallen is, quite rankly, a devilish delight.

Joel Andre has the incredible talent to ring reader right in to the aftermat of thi tory and his magnanimous use of description will leave the reader reeling.

Tha looke to pop in he story a bit out of the blue, but Mr. Andre does tie in these moments to bring clarity to the scene.

I also know to mention that when I first starte to read Cry of the Fallen, I ached for more character depth, particularly of Lauren.

“ We just push ‘ em right back in. ” Standing up straight, the Medical Examiner grabbed the scalpel and began to ake an incision around the scalp of the deceased.

ooking up at Lauren, she yanked hard, tearing back the scalp.

Although she was this good distance ack from the actual procedure, Lauren watched as blood and bone began to splatter.

lying over to the trashcan Lauren shoved her head in and emptied the contents of her stomach.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pushing through the heavy door, he stepped into the autopsy room.

His body was covered in a light blue set of scrubs, covering them was what appeared to Beth to be a large white apron.

Blue gloves covering his large hands, and his hair tucked up in a pinkish cap.

Her hand throbbed with pain, no matter what the tests said, she was sure as hell still alive.

" You 're always getting on my nerves right now. " " Alan, I 'm just saying, " but looking at him she tol the time for talking was over.

" Shall we proceed then? " his eyes looked hard at her, daring her to say anythin, but her lips remained closed.

Anybod looking for he perfect Halloween read, I highly recommend picking up The Black Chronicles: Cry of the Fallen.

I greatly look forward to reading more by his uthor and am very eager to add Cry of the Fallen to my list of great horror stories.

rated it

And can Lauren stop it? I anted to love book- it had everything that makes thi ood ook in my mind: a serial murderer, paranormal elements, supernatural reatures, a eisty female detective.

Characters were thrown at he reader with little to no explanation; some were randomly developed in ways that really did n't add to thi tory, others were n't developed at all.

rated it

Anyway, let ’ s get into it: Joel Andre will be my guest for the third time in The G-ZONE, my blogtalk radio show, on August 22nd, [email protected] 2pm EST.

As the stakes continu to rise, so does the stunning truth, that not even Lauren can imagine.In a world where her life had started to fall apart, she ust pick up the pieces and push forward in an ffort to ave those that she despise the most.Joel M.

Andre takes the Horror genre and pushes the boundaries in a tale full of mystery, dark comedy and genuine horror. ” Have I ever read novel by Joel Andre?

If you are goin for th new write to writ, or if you have a Joel Andre fan, get this novel; have a blast.

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