Cry to Heaven

Anne Rice brings to life the exquisite and otherworldly society of the eighteenth-century castrati, the elicate and alluring male sopranos whose graceful bodies and glorious voices brought them the adulation of the royal courts and grand opera houses of Europe, men who lived as idols, concealing their pain as they were adored as angels, yet shunned as half-men.
As we are drawn into their dark and luminous story, as the crowds of Venetians, Neopolitans, and Romans, noblemen and peasants, musicians, prelates, princes, saints, and intriguers swirl around them, Anne Rice rings us into the sweep of eighteenth-century Italian life, into the decadence beneath the shimmering surface of Venice, the wild frivolity of Naples, and the magnetic terror of its shadow, Vesuvius.
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Cry to Heaven
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Published April 1st 1995 by Ballantine Books (first published 1982

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rated it

There is ctually some interesting content, like Rice 's depiction of he world of the castrati and some theorie about their sexuality.

I 've only read books where the content was less interesting and the writing even worse, and they till managed to be better reads than Cry to Heaven.

rated it

I did hink, however, that portrayal of Christina, a central figure in Tonio 's struggles, could have een more fully drawn and introduced earlier.

With Cry to Heaven, I shoul pay Anne Rice the highest compliment -- this is anothe ovel I wish I had written and I an ay that about no other ook.

rated it

It 's infuse in rich historicity of 18th Century Opera, the Church, the history of the " Castrati " -- and some other sexuality explicit, yet apparently accurate, goings-on of the Church at that time.

Young boys were forcibly castrated to prevent the pre-puberty change in voice and keep their voices soprano alto high so they could sing in the choir ... and the Operas of the day supported this venue.It 's a tory about great contrasts in life: Love vs Revenge, internal struggles with Right& Wrong, sexual awakening& the desire to be amaze and find peace in your skin where you stand, confusion vs ambition ... there are certainly many threads in his memoi that for me, while deeply interesting, the read at times seemed too long.

ow that I 've had several years& a few casual re-reads of the bestsellin, I hink there should be a modern day correlation: The longin for fame& becoming an music " Idol " revered by the masses comes at a HIGH price many are not illing to pay.

Therefore, if you 're new to Anne Rice, enjoy music history, descriptive details about life in the 1700s, are compassionate, and ave the time to devot to a long, concentrated read -- I 'd ay it 's thi Decen Read.

It 's always an opinion and they all vary from person to person.===I enjoyed recalling the memories of thi nove I read at this ery ba time in my life, recommended by a dear friend.

rated it

Given the subject matter, it wo n't add nything away to say it 's every woma 's worst nightmare.

rated it

He wil play both male and female roles with authenticity, and is larger than life on stage.The young man, Tonio, has amorous liaisons with both wome and women, who ind him irresistable.

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