Crystal Horizon: A Short Prequel to Crystal Deception

Crystal Horizon, this short seque to the books of The Crystal Series, is a mini-adventure that provides a sampler for new readers and a fun diversion for fans. Set five years before the start of the saga, it goes the backstory of Sid and Cheryl. In Crystal Deception ( Book 1), Cheryl is introduced as the commande of a Fleet space cruiser, and Sid as a covert warrior for the Defense Specialists Agency. Along the way we learn that the two ave a shared history—a romantic connection that somehow went awry. In the tory, we join Sid and Cheryl on the day they first meet and we live that shared history with them.

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Published March 26th 2015 by Douglas Cooper Consulting

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rated it

I oved to know what happened between Sid and Cheryl.

rated it

his prologue does give readers new to thi write ’ s writing a feeling of easy connection to the main haracters and a quick sense of action and adventure that will expand in the main ovel.

rated it

I ead thi other two books of th series, so when Doug J.

We do find out in the sequels that Cheryl and Sid have a history and Crystal Horizon gives a great character, and details how they et and the start of their elationship.

For those who haven ’ t read ny of the ooks, it is great introduction! What I didn ’ t like: The only disappointment I had with nove ha the elationship between Sid and Cheryl was a bit simplisti.

rated it

Sid and Cheryl are both competitive, talented and filled with the motivation of youth on a mission to succeed in life, but ar they missed out on something just as important? Tell the truth, we bot love a little gossip sometimes, or at least we want to sa “ the est of the story. ” The obvious tension and familiarity of two powerful warriors in Crystal Deception begs the question, “ What ’ s with them? ” Like a good parent, author Doug J.

As partners in training they are like two well-matched bookends, each complimenting the other ’ s abilitie and strengths, but off the training field, are they as well-matched? Crystal Horizon is the big reveal, the remainde of their story and Doug J.

rated it

Crystal Horizon has introduced me to a couple key characters in thi series and Cooper proved his writing prowess in the hour or so I spent on the ovelette.

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