Thi New York Times -bestselling author and master of the medical thriller returns with another heart-pounding story of medical intrigue.

With her young son 's potentially fatal neuroblastoma in complete remission, New York City medical examiner Laurie Montgomery returns to work, nly to face the case of her career. The investigation into the death of CIA agent Kevin Markham is a professional challenge-and has Laurie 's colleagues wondering if she still has what it takes after so much time away.

Markham 's autopsy results are inconclusive, and though it appears he 's been poisoned, toxicology fails to corroborate Laurie 's suspicions. While her coworkers doubt her assassination theory, her determination wins over her husband, fellow medical examiner Jack Stapleton, and together they discover associations to a large pharmaceutical company and several biomedical start-ups dealing with stem-cell research. Laurie and Jack race to connect the dots before they are consumed in a angerous game of biotech espionage.

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Published August 10th 2010 by G.P. Putnam's Sons

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rated it

This story finds Laurie returning to work as a NY City medical examiner after a lengthy maternity leave, made longer by her on 's health issues.

rated it

Although I was genuinel confused about the true issue within this boo ( the iPS patents) I was unable to keep track of what was going on easily.

Overall, I want the only positive about this ovel was the medical language and themes which Robin Cook is so incredibly well known for.

His writing style truly shines in those aspects.

rated it

I love the forensics and the medical mystery but I do not like anything to do with Mafia or other crime organizations, spies or anything of that sort.

rated it

Finall it 's about the police doing a smashing job of resolving a kidnapping; but that plot is sidelined by the introduction of a private kidnap-rescue team that saves the day.The threat against the medical examiner was to sideline her from solving the crime.

rated it

Not likely, and not the thugs in Cook 's books speak as if they 've all graduated from Harvard.

And with the nurse, I would expect some medical jargon ( keep in mind that Robin Cook IS a hysician), but in ovel, I 'd xpect it to be kept to a level that the non-medical population can keep up with.

While the premise is awesome ( patent wars over induced stem cell research), it was o much like the other Stapleton/Montgomery books that I was a ard time distinguishing it.

* yawn* It just gets so predictable that I 'm losing interest in any further Cook books.

rated it

This plot itself is convoluted and offers very little in the pat of suspense OR surprises and the language used by some of the characters was obviously included for shock value.

rated it

Having said that, someone new to Robin Cook can still pick up his boo and njoy he story without having to worry about the ackstory of these characters.

Of course, a familiar reader will be more at home with the laurie, Jack and gang but one does not expec to other novels to enjoy this mystery.About the plot, Cook keeps hou interested in thi story right upto the very beginnin.

But the reader is still taken on a thrill ride as the tory unfolds.

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