Daddy Darkest


The onth after her high school graduat, small-town-girl Samantha " Sam " Bronwyn boards a plane with her best riend, Ginny. Destination: San Francisco. But when Ginny disappears inside an airport bathroom wearing Sam 's letterman jacket, it does n't ake her long to figure out she was the intended target. Alone in a trange city, Sam 's on th run for her life -- drawn into dark past she never knew existed. A past where secrets are n't all that 's buried and where revenge comes at the highest price.

Who is Sam really -- and who can she trust? The mysterious stranger in 4A who secreted a gun in his backpack? The guilty ex-con? The disarming FBI agent? Her own mother?

Even one thing is certain. Someone is after her. Someone who want more about her than she does. Someone who wishes to teach her a hard lesson: There are worse things than murder.

Daddy Darkest is a standalone and the irst in the Doctors of Darkness series by forensic psychologist and author, Ellery Kane. Betrayal, lust, evenge, murder ... These doctors earned their degrees from the dark side.
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Published June 1st 2017 by Ellery Kane Publishing

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rated it

he book by Ellery A Kane, started off well, thi plot was entertainin, a case of mistaken identity till the mother Clare 's story touched the pages.

A ook does come together for the ending, but by then I have lost interest, and it is ore of a case of too little too late.2.5 stars rounded up to 3

rated it

Have I ever mentioned how much I love dark books?

I knew tha memoi, it had me on the edge of my seat, wondering what was going to happen next.

Wondering who in thi world might be trusted and hoping that Sam would be okay in the beginnin.

rated it

With a title like Daddy Darkest, I am ot sure what exactly I was hopin.

It felt like he story built up so much throughout and then it just ort of seemed rushed to the nd.

I am not exactly sure what a standalone ovel in this series is?

rated it

So colou me surprised because I always enjoyed th ook a lot.

Was it the most amazin book I have ever read?

We jump back and forth from Clare 's story in the past to Levi and Samantha 's in the present.

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