Damaged and the Bulldog

Dylan Campbell took a bullet to save the girl of his lov. This fateful day changed everything. Now Dylan struggles to claim Winnie as his own while making his bones with the Reapers MC.

Winona Todds was broken by life. Hiding from the world, she remains consumed with fear until her heart craves Dylan. She´ll need to face her past to build a future with man with the bulldog tattoo.
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Damaged and the Bulldog
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Published July 22nd 2014(first published July 12th 2014

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rated it

After reading about Winnie from the previous book I woul n't wait to see who she eally was and to see what she was hiding behind her all the quiet.

I ca n't lie since I read about Dylan he has lso been someone I have kept an eye on waiting and hoping for his own story so when I heard Dylan and Winnie would be together I was actuall more hooked.Winnie had a horrible life she was abused in the worst way a child ca be till The Knight 's specifically Kirt came storming into save her and brought her to a family that would cherish her and nurture her but most importantly give her a place to be safe.

As they start to build a life together Dylan will be pushe to the test, and together Winnie and Dylan will finally understan what they both always dreamed of and some they never dreamed they could have.Ok I love th series, each book is as ba as the last if not better.

I ca n't wait to read Harlow 's happy ending, we are given a great limpse into Harlow and I just know her book woul hav perfect ending to one great series.

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rated it

I am a big fan of the Damaged series and have read every book so far.

is the 3rd book in the Damaged series where the h has been gang-raped.

Plus, why would Winnie 's parents let Dylan stay in bed with her when they just started dating?

I hoped the Dylan would have asked Winnie on a date instead of Harlow forcing the issue.

I decided so like Harlow either.

I like the glimpses we get of the past couples.

rated it

Dylan and Winnie ’ s tory was heartbreaking but also uplifting with the sheer number of “ wow, that ’ s sweet ” moments.Years ago, when Winnie was a child, the Reapers MC found Winnie amid a nightmare, not just damaged but completely and utterly broken.

He wanted to treat her with care and that he coul be battling with her demons for the remainder of his life if he went the distance with her.As for Winnie, she ha the most damaged yet of all the heroines of the series.

By herself she was not strong and never wil be, but with her family and the MC behind her, she found what she mean to be unable to battle her demons and to go after Dylan, the only man she ever could imagining touching her.I thoroughly enjoyed Dylan and Winnie ’ s slow and sweet romance.

rated it

Dylan has to use his patience and let Winona set the pace hoping that one day she ca be all his.Very good story.

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