Dancing in the Moonlight



But it as n't way she 'd envisioned her return. And though all she anted was to be alone, infuriatingly handsome Dr. Jake Dalton—of the enemy Daltons—would n't cooperate. And she needed him to, because the walls around her heart were dangerously close to crumbling every time he came near.

Jake had spent most of his life rying to get closer to Maggie, with little to show for it. But she as he ma he 'd always wanted, and no injury in the world ould change that. Now if only he ca persuade her that the oman who stood before him was beautiful, desirable, whole and meant to be his.

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Dancing In The Moonlight (Cowboys of Cold Creek, #2)
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Published April 1st 2013 by Harlequin Special Editon (first published January 1st 2006

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rated it

I love that he is n't an over the top alpha asshole like so many Harlequin lead male characters.What I did n't like:- The heroine has a stupid, long held grudge against the hero 's family because of debt her father had to his ather that she believes led to her uncle 's death.

rated it

Yeahhh, not cool.This is how I feel.I think that there can be more " naturalisti " people romances, especially a handicapped person.

I mean you do n't just go from hating someone to loving them in like no time, unless she has some form of personality disorder ( I 'm thinking Borderline, but I ould be wrong.), realistically.

I mean I like th little spitfire in a heroine, but no far in what I read in contemporaries something seems to be missing in them.This is kinda how I see sex in contemporaries.

rated it

his is my favorit of the free e-books thus far.

Instea though the title sucks and is ind of useless, as far as he tal take.

rated it

I 've definitel read book quite like the one before and I ha ery touched by the pain, heartache, and growth that both Jake Dalton and Magdalena " Maggie " Cruz went through.

ow she 's trying to surprise her mom by coming home, but her plan was side swept when her tire blew out.

Her nger at his mother and thus the Dalton family, for what she believes caused the death of her father sees her from graciously accepting his help.

But the feelings for Jake are real for her and the conflic to believe he loves her as she is, is another step she must accept.

rated it

Magdelana Cruz returns home after losing part of her leg and her fiancé, afraid of resuming anything like a normal life yet bitterly resenting any attempts to elp her.

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