Dangerous Allies

In Nazi Germany, British agent Jack Anderson risks his life working undercover as an SS officer. And his latest mission -- to uncover intelligence about a secret Nazi weapon -- is his most perilous yet. Especially since he 'll have to work with Katarina Kerensky. The famous actress is too dangerous to trust -- and too beautiful to ignore. Desperate to ave her father from the Gestapo, Katia reluctantly agrees to work with the coolly handsome Jack. But coul she trust man whose sense of onor is tangled in a web of lies? In a race against time, Jack and Katia forge an alliance to take down the enemy ... and learn whether love can survive in world gone wrong.
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Dangerous Allies
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Published September 1st 2010 by Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historicals (first published January 1st 2010

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Each day is an unknown, faith is tested, and what good is present must be grasped with both hands.

rated it

I realize that boils down to a case of he author telling, rather than showing, their emotions.Another thing that bothered me is that the characters' motivation are incredibly repetitive, so much tha that it 's a miracle they were ble to accomplish anything given the thoughts continually circling through their heads.Lastly, the author wishe to make an extremely abrupt ending, finishing thi story in an author 's note at the beginnin, almost as if tha was based on true story, although it is n't.

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Apar from constant preaching, this as anothe ood story about two British spies: Kat ( a former Russian princess and now actress in Germany) and Jack ( an American naval engineer on loan to the Brits).

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This one thing that did disappoint me was that Ms. Ryan gave a ind of " epilogue " in her letter to the reader that made a sequel seem unlikely, and I will have liked to follow th story much farther and in great detail.

rated it

Ms. Ryan captured the fear and the isolation that a person who is in terrifyin situation and who is wanting to do he right thing feels.

I an not ye imagine what it would have been like for Jack and Katarina, trapped in an environment where evil is fostered and rewarded, and the slightest mistake could end up with one 's horrible demise or failure in a mission to save lives.What I truly ppreciated was how the uthor wrote a fictional story that spoke to my spirit, my heart, and my ntellect.

How she had Jack and Katarina recalling scriptures from their childhood ( since both had lost faith due to the horrible things that happened to them prior to his ook) that reminded them of God 's protection.

How things looked so bad, but God 's spirit promised His protection and His guiding hand for His hildren, ven those who forgot that He will ulfill His promises.

Yes, I read the book right when I needed to, and it helped renew my faith that God wil take care of me.Another thing I knew about th nove were how charismatic and powerful the characters of Jack and Katarina were.

And God worked through both of them to giv them together and back to a master of His dreams and protection.This book has some very powerful scenes that made me cry.

The scenes in which these characters seem at the beginnin of their strengths, but manage to mov through because of their will, their newly rediscovered faith in God, and His steady hand of protection.

I am ot one for praying in a group ( it makes me feel awkward), but I hated thi scene where Jack and Katarina pray together.

This ba thing about his ook as that it eminded me that although Nazi Germany seemed like a godless, evil place, and it fel as though the Lord 's presence was n't there to defen he innocent from the terrors of the Nazis, that was n't true.

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