Dark Spark (Bloodline Academy, #2)

My light magic is growing stronger. But my bloodline just got a lot darker ...

I never dreamed that drinking blood would unlock my light magic. And I never dreamed that unlocking my light magic would lead to arousing my inner vampire.

I 'm Katrina Quartz, a Crystal Witch who 's also a Sanguine vampire. This means I 'm part vampire by blood and as it turns out, my bloodline carries some pretty heavy secrets. Just as I have that bombshell dropped on me, there 's . The Bloodline Academy vamps want me to justif my loyalty. That, or they 'll make those I care about, pay.

Oh, and if things were n't intense enough, I 'm in a long-distance friendshi and sparks are starting to fly- with someone else, who goe to e a Sanguine vampire.

If choosing a side between the Supernatural Light Alliance and the Bloodline vamps was hard before, things just got a whole lot tougher because nothing is as it ppears. Only one thing 's for sure- somebody 's bound to get hurt.
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Published February 14th 2020

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rated it

I an ’ t kno enough how good it is.

rated it

New alliances are made while old loyalties are put to the test.

Which the Grunches themselves are more than enough reason to read his nove!

I totally oved his novel.

rated it

Katrina is unprepared when the Grand High Witch performs a Revelation spell on her which allows everyone in the oom, including Professor ( s) Duquette and Devin, to witness all the events that led up to Lorna ’ s rescue.

As a caus, Duquette and Devin not only learn who Katrina ’ s co conspirators were ( Safi, Natalie and Ulrich) but the true extent of the powers she has so far been hiding from the Bloodline Academy- including bringing Natalie back from the dead.

While Natalie remains as supportive as ever, Valenthia causes concern when she claims that not only ha she was charmed on the afternoo of Lorna ’ s idnapping, but as consequenc of drinking Lorna ’ s witch blood, she ’ s been having prophetic dreams about Katrina being tortured and burned alive by the vampires.

When Professor Varga takes over their Dark Arts class, Katrina learns the importanc of hexes and charms and realises that Valenthia was not in control of her actions that night.

Ulrich tells her he ’ s been in touch with Safi and Aviar at Superno Academy, which eads to a tense meeting between Katrina and their mother Pearl.

Surprising revelations come to light and a deal is struck which results in Kat returning to the Bloodline Academy to ascertain the whereabout of the Dark Spark.

Her search for he Dark Spark leads to her breaking into the Academy ’ s library, Tempus Fugit, which is heavily guarded by a grunch named Rugrem.When Rugrem is imprisoned and tortured following her break in, Kat befriends the grunch and learns that the charmed necklace given to Valenthia on the ight of Lorna ’ s abduction had been really meant for her.

rated it

What shocked me most in ook was Katarina 's relationship with Ulric and then her " date " with that one guy, whose name I do n't actually kno.

I just did n't like the reaso that they were cheering for her and Ulric and then suddenly they want her to o on a date with that other guy from class????

There were hardl any scenes between her and Ulric, just like in the second ook, which is something of a shame because I thought there ould be improvement between those two characters.

rated it

Katrina is called to the witches council after her heroic rescue of Lorna.

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