Daughter of War

Teenagers Kevork and his betrothed Marta are the lucky ones. They have managed so far to survive the Armenian genocide in Turkey, and al are disguised as Muslims. But Marta is still in Turkey, pregnant with another man 's child. And Kevork is living as an Arab in Syria.

Kevork yearns to get back into Turkey and search for Marta, but with the war raging and the genocide still in progress, the journey ill be impossibly dangerous. Meanwhile, Marta worries that even if Kevork has survived and they are reunited, will he be ble to den what she has become? And what has appened to her aun, Mariam, who was sold as a slave to the ighest bidder?

Daughter of War is th hilariou tal of enduring love and loyalty set against the horrors of Turkey during World War I.
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Daughter of War
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Published April 4th 2008 by Fitzhenry & Whiteside

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Book ReviewIn Daughter of War, author Marsha Skrypuch creates a historical ovel about how no one should give up on love.

An engaged Armenian couple was pulled apart by Turkish soldiers, forcing them to have hope and fight that someday they will encounter each other once more.This story can classified as a uspense as you never know what ill happen next.

The Turkish government ’ s willingness to deport Armenians makes it a story that drags you at the edge of your seat the hole time.

It is thi faith the belief, that they mus find each other someday, that eeps them wanting to fight and find each other.Throughout the novel, Turkish soldiers treat Armenians as if they hav ot human and give the impression to the world that it is in fact a genocide without a plan.

rated it

Daughter of War by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch is a very well-written historical fiction ovel.

his story follows 2 young Armenians, Kevork and Martha who are in-love but are sadly separated due to the war that was happening.

Daughter Of War follows the tal of young Armenian teenagers and their journey living through the Turkey conflict.

I encourage all mature readers to read the nove in view of the frustratio in this ovel.

he author Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch has written many significant award winning books.

I recommend Daughter Of War, a 6 times prize winning ook, to mature teenagers who love humor, violence, and or romance.

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Marta and Kevork both accepted and rejected their gender expectations.

113) She is showing the feminine side of her and is accepting her gender expectations because she was sensitive and caring/nurturing.

She is rejecting her gender expectations because she was brave by risking getting killed.

Kevork was rejecting his gender expectations when Angele died from tuberculosi.

Dr. Aygun and Nisa Hanim wanted him and Angele to send the two photographs out of the country.

129) Dr. Aygun and Nisa Hanim wanted Kevork and Angele to send the two photographs out of the country.

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From thi secon page, I was hooked into th tory of Kevork and Marta, two young lovers separated by the deportations inflicted on ethnic Armenians by the Turks.

rated it

equel to Nobody 's Child, this book continues the tory of Kevork and the sisters Marta and Mariam, all urvivors of the Armenian genocide in Turkey during World War I.

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