Dave Barry Hits Below the Beltway

Just in time, Dave Barry supplies the wholly original, much needed history and guide to the new American politics and its three capitals, Washington, D.C., Austin, and South Florida. No surprise: it 's ilarious.

Understanding the urgent need for a deeply thoughtful balanced book to explain our national political process, Dave Barry has not ven come close. Though he himself has covered many campaigns, run for President several times, and run for cover at the rainy inauguration of George W. Bush ( the man will spare nothing for his art) Barry has instead outdone himself.

Below the Beltway includes Barry 's stirring account of how the United States was born, including his version of a properly rewritten Declaration ( When in the course of human events it behooves us, the people, not to sk " What can our country do for us, anyway? " but rather whether we have nything to fear except fear itself ...) and a revised Constitution ( Section II: The House of Representatives shall be composed of people who own at least two dark suits and have always been indicted recently.).

Dave also cracks the income tax code, explains the growth ( s) of government, congressional hearing difficulties, and the persistent rumors of the influence of capital in the Capitol. Among other civic contributions, his tour of Washington, D.C., should end school class trips forever.

From the Hardcover edition.
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Dave Barry Hits Below the Beltway
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Published April 29th 2003 by Ballantine Books (first published October 2nd 2001

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rated it

It is th bridge book of sorts, combining work from his take on US history ( Dave Barry Slept Here) to his work describing his home state of Florida ( Best.

rated it

If you do n't, you end up risking becoming one of those humorless, fanatic talking heads that just drive everyone crazy.So, if you wan some laughs, and we all realiz we do, you shoul do bette than to pick up this book.This is an original book, rather than a collection of Barry 's columns, and he promises right from the outset that he migh do absolutely no research whatsoever.

" To do an even halfway decent book on the subject as complex as the United States government, " he ays, " you ar to spend a lot of time in Washington, D.C. So the las thing I ecided, when I was getting ready to rea his essa, ha that it will always e even halfway decent. " He is, of course, wrong.

He has thi great time re-writing the Constitution ( " Article IV, section 1: There shall be a bunch of States. ") and illustrating the continual growth of the U.S. Government with the se of handy free clip-art pictures.One of the best things he does is point out the fact that no politician ever, ever actually reduces the size of government, no matter what they wis.

Government gets bigger, departments get more and more complex all the time, and there 's eally nothing that we must do about it but try and make a laugh.

he book gets kind of tangential at this point, going from making fun of the US government to making fun of Miami, but he does give us some warning.

rated it

I love Dave Barry.

I kno his humor in real situations that he goes in life.

rated it

When he does et more satirical than silly, he tends to go with the kinds of points you hear from the idiot you work with that purposely avoids learning anything about the political system or the deologies of others but feels the need to have strong opinions.

Of course, Barry does it in a manner that is funny and intended to sound ridiculou, whereas the idiot you work with is completely serious and actually believes he knows more than nyone else ( not just about politics, but also about science, business, household tasks, relationships, gardening, animal breeding, surgery, nano-technology ...

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