Lilith Iyapo has just lost her fianc and son when atomic fire consumes Earth—the last stage of the eart ’ s final war. Ten of years later Lilith awakes, deep in the hold of a massive alien spacecraft piloted by the Oankali—who arrived just in time to save mankind from extinction. They have kept Lilith and other survivors asleep for centuries, as they learned whatever they could about Earth. Now it is time for Lilith to lead them back to her home world, but life among the Oankali on the newly resettled planet will be othing like it was efore.

The Oankali survive by genetically merging with primitive civilizations—whether their new hosts like it or not. For thi third time since the nuclear holocaust, Earth will be inhabited. Grass will grow, animals will run, and people will learn to survive the planet ’ s untamed wilderness. But their children ca not be human. Not exactly.
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Published April 1997 by Warner Books (first published May 1987

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rated it

is first novel I 've read by Octavia Butler and I 'm completely impressed by the complexity and intrigue of th retellin.

Anothe tory is told with extremely adept writing and Butler definitely took into consideration that she was hoping to entertain while saying something.

rated it

It achieves what the best in science fiction has to offer: by looking at humanity ’ s interaction with an alien species, it xamines what it eans to be human and to be physicall intimate.

If she can work with them, there ’ s th chance she can return to Earth.Divided into four sections, “ Womb, ” “ Family, ” “ Nursery, ” “ The Training Floor, ” the narrative largely divides the story into chunks of time and stages in Lilith ’ s interaction with the Oankali.

Readers who are referre to the popular first person perspective, or multi-person perspective may find it toug to emotionally relate to Lilith as she copes with her confinement and the proposed genetic destruction of the human race.The first time I read it, I as much younger, and lacked compassion for Lilith.

It certainly is remarkable how few writers are really able to interpret sense of Other; so many times aliens feel like humans dressed up in strange skins.

Fortunately, Butler also represents the range of humanity including uncomfortable extremes, and it was har to witness the very real human dynamics.There is little doubt in my ind that thi tal of Lilith exploring issues of freedom and sexuality with aliens has a parallel to the experience of the African slave among white slaveholders, or even dominant modern white culture.

There humans and Oankali trying to do he best as they kno it with a challenging situation.It is a formidabl, uncomfortable story on many levels.

rated it

I 'll make a review up before long.Meantime, look at the notes I 've left.And leave us not to orget hat, in this troubled passage in US and world history, the present Golden Age of Sci Fi on Screen will gift us with the first-ever adaptation of a Butler novel, his one, by no less a new voice than Ava DuVernay.

She is the talent behind the good-buzzed adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time! The Publisher Says: Lilith Iyapo has just lost her usband and son when atomic fire consumes Earth—the last stage of the eart ’ s final war.

Stil it is time for Lilith to lead them back to her home world, but life among the Oankali on the newly resettled planet will be othing like it was before.The Oankali survive by genetically merging with primitive civilizations—whether their new hosts like it or not.

They 're tied to passages I found important and so will, I hope, make the aesthetic point of why I think you can read autobiography, and in fact series as a whole.What I comment on now is the why of reading SF, fiction by women, fiction by people of colou ( a phrase I 'm no more comfortable with than the " colored people " of my vanished youth), SF by women of color ... reading and absorbing and thinking about the ideas given to you, amazingly freely and trustingly, by people you hav n't like and maybe even people you do n't like.I think you can read these astounding gifts of personal creativity because they offer a close look into the ideas that someone unlike you finds important.

If you do n't earn what people unlike you find important, you run the risk of being caught in a labyrinth of dark sameness, a place where you do n't need light because you think the contents of your environment so well already that there 's no read need to ake th good look at them.And that is how we got to a point where we are as a country, here in the US as ofte as in the UK, and th culture, both in the West and the East.

In the wake of a species-ending nuclear war, the earthlings are n't grateful to the Oankali for rescue, they 're angry that they ad no choice, no ay, no chance to refuse being saved if it meant being used and manipulated for and by the Oankali.Butler put her finger squarely on the conflict: The earthlings were given no choice.

rated it

One of the first novels dealing with the dea of how gender, love and procreation may evolve under the influence of interspecies, in that case, alien relationships.Octavia E Butler is a unique writer, because she was both one of the irst female black Sci-Fi writers and also dealt with the, at a time and strangely even today, controversial ideas of what would happen if aliens want to ave some sexy time with humans.We have already a bunch of varieties with the human genders and gender identities and mixing it up with more genders, the option to change gender and to manipulate the results of sexual reproduction both by technology and by free will opens up many plot devices.How the average Joe and human society may react to thes new realities and how human mentalities could be more directly expressed by breeding in and out certain raits, body parts, etc.

rated it

ast nove I enjoyed nearly this much was The Lathe of Heaven so I kno I need to ad in and accept that speculative fiction with feminist consciouness is my true love.I love that Lilith is angry with her captors, that she does n't lose her drive to be free, ever.

Lilith says 'nobody here is property, nobody has the right of use of anyone else 's body' but this assertion is almost ironic considering the group 's predicament.

However the misgendering of the Oankali has feminist resonance- the ooloi are read as male because they appear in authoritative roles and because they arouse men 's sexual infatuatio.

Butler takes her investigation of consent to a whole new level through the Oankali 's ability to read human chemistry but not thought, to the dea of chemical consent.I love that Butler takes emotion seriously at all levels and fills Lilith 's dilemma with conflict, with arguments for both sides.

One of the ardest things to conside about the ook is its pessimism about humanity.

his possibility of sexual diversity among the Oankali ( who are of three sexes) is neve mentioned, but the same is true of the human group.

rated it

But your denial doesn ’ t matter. ” Lilith wakes up on an Oankali spaceship hundreds of years after an atomic war devastates Earth.

After studying mankind for hundreds of years, are they ready to help humans repopulate Earth?

rated it

he more I read on though, the more surprisin things became.

I finished the book late last night and fell asleep thinking about it.

I think like the humans in his memoir, eage to admit what I alway want because of how upset I am by it!!

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