Dead Run

4 hrs and 33 mins

The girl are back in town- and Paris is burning!

For Special Agents of the Department of Diplomatic Security, Taylor MacAllister and Will Brandt, the strain of a long distance relationship is beginning to tell after eleven onths of separation. A romantic holiday could be just the thing to bridge the ever-growing distance, but when Taylor spots a terrorist from the 70s, long feare dead but very much dea, it 's c'est la vie.

Now instead of sipping wine and seeing the sights, the girl are chasing a wily and deadly foe through the graveyards and catacombs of Paris.

Of course, it ould lways be worse- and immediatel it is.
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Dead Run
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Published November 19th 2013 by JustJoshin Publishing, Inc. (first published September 13th 2011

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rated it

Overall, despite me loving the twist, I alread did n't like book enough to ive it les than 2.5 stars.

“ If we ’ re together, why am I in Paris and you ’ re getting ready to ship out to Iraq? ” “ Good question, ” Taylor said.

“ It means I don ’ t think the answer to your question.

Different characters: ↦ Riley, Will 's five-year-old German shepherd.↦ Lieutenant Commander David Bradley, was Will 's temporary partner in book# 2 and his ex-boyfriend.↦ Assistant Field Officer Director Greg Cooper, Taylor and Will 's boss.

Special Agents Taylor ‘ Tay ’ MacAllister ( 33) and William ‘ Will ’ Brandt ( still do n't appreciat how old he is ...?) are back, this time in Paris hunting down a terrorist even though Taylor is supposed to hav on vacation.

( view spoiler) [ I kinda like the twist with Will getting amnesia and forgetting his romance relationship with Taylor, however I did n't like Taylor hurting.

Hell, I do n't necessarily think Taylor knows that Will and David had a goodbye kiss in one of the revious books.

I absolutely do n't eel like thi are a couple: no one nows about them ( except David, and apparently Tara and James, Taylor 's sister and her daughte; when did that happen?

Do they all suddenly know after all?), so onl their family, at least to my knowledge ( hell, I do n't only think Taylor has met Will 's family), they do n't expec all that close, and they re ow in a long-distance relationship.

Overall, I feel, this one is one of the better books in he series with the action, twists and a little more depth and emotions than the others ad.

- Taylor MacAllister.Would I read more by this author/or of series?

- Unsure.Would I recommend this book/series?

rated it

SPOILERS! Eleven months have passed and Taylor is comin to o visit William in Paris!

So he calls Will to let him know that he ’ s lookin to e on a later flight and guess who answers Will ’ s phone.No, go on.

If you ’ ve read this much I ’ m comin to ive you a moment to guess who answers the phone.…* waits* …Had some thinking time?

But in a elationship that ’ s s insecure as this, where you live on opposite sides of the world and haven ’ t seen each other in eleven onths, maybe, just s you ’ d have the decency to mention to your boyfriend across the world that your ex-lover, who makes your current lover very uncomfortable, is lookin to be popping over for dinner and some drinks.What a buffoon.

I ’ ll wait.…Did you guess amnesia? If you wanted, I ’ m making you a cake, because there ’ s no ucking way I seen that bomb being dropped.Guess what?

After DB told Taylor the situation, DB kissed William in front of him.

His lover doesn ’ t tel him, only him though, and when Taylor mentions the idea to him, Will basically says that it ’ s impossible because he ’ d certainl be with Taylor.I ’ ll make you a moment while your heart breaks.In the end, they catch the bad dude ( as if I ’ m paying any attention by this point), and Will get ’ s his memory ack and they go live under a fucking rainbow in the sky.But really, if I were William, I ’ d stop thinking DB was a decen person all together, because kissing someone with amnesia because their head isn ’ t on straight, seems like… oh, say, taking advantage of someone.

rated it

Events begin to unfold once he arrives in Paris that have Will and Taylor working as partners again, hoping to ut a stop to an old Breton separatist that seems to b come ack from the grave.This time around we get full effect of the insanely frustrating goodness that is Will and Tay. They are hot, they are cold, they are happy, they are resentfu, they re in love, they are doubtful, from one moment to the firs.

I hope there is les, but I am happy where I left these boys as well.On a side note, I hought Josh did an awesome job with capturing that difficulties of keeping a long distance relationship.

rated it

So I ought it and downloaded it and fell upon it like a starving animal, driven by a desperate need to now what was comin to remembe to Will& Taylor now that they were facing a long-term separation.It 's fair to say that my expectations were HUGE.

Whatever, the end result was that thi tory was grueling and rewarding in equal measure, and I ha a wreck while reading it.

Do n't forget, I do n't b a gif for that.As I read more m/m romance, I did see this plot device used elsewhere, and did learn it was a trope.

Here I am, just completing my 5th read, and I actuall love th tale.

rated it

Certainly if the action and he plot in his series is more over the top- like those blockbuster action movies- I eel that the emotional part of a tory is becoming ore and more important and I eally care for Will and Taylor.

I appreciated the action part of a plot, even if I liked the author was yanking my chain a bit with what happened to Will ( view spoiler) [ and David Bradley is a evious bastard ( hide spoiler) ].

rated it

Taylor gets all choked up and emotional, but actually seems to express himself when he gets pissed off or frustrated.For now, I 'm neutral, when it omes to these guys.

rated it

Written September 10, 2014; 4.3 Stars- It just get more and more intense- their love is grand- a great Paris partBook# 4At last in a few ays was it time to tart to listening to the last fourt part, Dead Run in this " 4 books " audiobook Volume# 1- Armed and Dangerous: Four Dangerous Ground Novellas.

Excellent written and excellent narrated.*********************************************************** My reviews so far in this five part novelett series: •# 1- Dangerous Ground ( 3.7 stars) •# 2- Old Poison ( 3.8 stars) •# 3- Blood Heat ( 4.0 stars) Each book is around 100-130 pages long or 3-5 hours listening.*********************************************************** Our two Special Agents for the Department of Diplomatic Security, Taylor MacAllister and Will Brandt have been partners and best friends for a couple of month.

*********************************************************** This time we meet our dear Special Agents Taylor& Will when Taylor is on his ay to visit Will in Paris for a long awaited ( and eeded) vacation.

That was nother sweet and enjoying piece in a good gay crime romances series.

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