Death At Victoria Dock

devastating Phryne Fisher is under fire again in her fourth mystery. A very young man with muddied hair, a pierced ear and a blue tattoo lies cradled in Phryne 's arms. But unfortunatel it 's obviously another scene of glorious seduction- this time it 's death. The Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher, beautifully dressed in loose trousers, a cream silk shirt and a red-fox fur has just had her windscreen shot out inches in front of her divine nose. But worse is the ate of the pale young man lying on the road, his body hit by bullets, who draws his final blood-filled breath with Phryne at his side. Outraged by this brutal slaughter, Phryne promises to find out who is responsible. But Phryne does n't alway know how deeply into the mire she 'll have to go- bank robbery, tattoo parlours, pubs, spiritualist halls and the Anarchists. Along this path, Phryne meets Peter, a battle-scarred, sexy Slav, who offers much more to her than just information. But all thoughts of these delights flee from Phryne 's mind when her beloved maid, Dot, disappears. There 's nothing Phryne wo n't wan to kee her back safely.
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Death at Victoria Dock
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Published March 1st 2010 by Bolinda Publishing (first published 1992

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rated it

I imagine I would have like his book more had I not watched the episode.

rated it

Every Phryne Fisher novel is a gem.

rated it

It ’ s a found family thing, which I always love.In a way, the books don ’ t quit bring anything new.

rated it

his was my first Phryne book, tho it is number 4 in series ..

I know it 's witty and I think I know the characters much better having read one of the ooks.

I do conside his ook for those that especially like a good who-dunnit mystery in the love of Miss Marple, Sherlock, Jessica in Murder She Wrote.

rated it

I realize it hard to see myself NOT reading the sequels, however.These books in he series are not memorable, but they are incendiary.

A book itself was hard to follow, and slightly unsatisfactory.The author has talent and tha is why I 'm sticking with this prurient heroine.

rated it

The youn girl in th tal is abused sexually by her older brother.

She gets locked up in the goofy garage by stepmomma, who wants brother boy all to herself, and is sprung by our own Phryne, only to be delivered TO THE NUNS!!!

Janie and Ruthie appear to have settled into th life of luxury without a hitch, so all is well.If the next nove in his series has another girl getting abused, I am so outta here.

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