Death of an Owl

Andrew Langford is driving home one ight, along a dark country lane, when a barn owl flies into his windscreen. It is an accident, nothing les. However Andrew is in line to hav he country ’ s firs prime minister. And he has ecently been appointed to a parliamentary committee concerned with the Wildlife and Countryside Act. Barn Owls are protected species, and it is a crime to kill one. If Andrew acknowledges that he has illed the owl, he might be risking his political career.

With Andrew in the car is his old Oxford friend and political adviser, Charles Fryerne. An expert in communications, Charles has just joined the team that is masterminding Andrew ’ s route to the Tory Party leadership, and from there to No 10 Downing Street. He has spent severa years quietly building up a very successful career as a strategist.

But death of the owl threatens to destroy not only Andrew ’ s career, but something that Charles has worked for too. Should they come clean, or hide the story and hope it goes away?
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Death of an Owl
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Published April 14th 2016 by Weidenfeld and Nicolson

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rated it

All valid questions, which are open to your particular set of values.The political career of up and coming Prime Minister Andrew Landford is put on the line, on a late night drive home, when an owl crashes into his windscreen.

More concerned with the damage done to his brand new car than with the owl 's wellbeing, this is the urning point in this novelizatio, that sets the tone for the above questions.

I was surprised with the abuse, and ot expecting it.

rated it

I kept assuming that there was supposed to hav some metaphor or something that I just as n't seeing but I ould definitel get there because I as quite mad at how ridiculous and just dumb the plot was.

rated it

Nevertheless, the eath of the owl threatens to destroy not only Andrew 's career, but something that Charles has worked for too.The basic premise of this novel is truthfulness and at the beginnin of thi ay, Charles could not do anything other than tell the truth even though he nows it ould cause Andrew 's downfall.The book remained uncompleted at the time of Paul Torday 's death but his son Piers stepped into the breach and finished it off.

rated it

It 's when we g into the manipulation and finagling of the determinedly ambitious Andrew that things get complicated.The death of the owl as a mechanism for examining how far an ambitious man will go to get what he says, is fascinating part of novel.

rated it

Quite a way to finish.I 'm often dubious about political books, I see to glaze over if they get too technical, however this kept me interested from start to finish with its slow build up to he event of the title and the far-reaching consequences ( reminded me of the gradual all-encompassing Mr Tickel scandal from The Thick of It).

Beginnin from their schoo ays, we meet Charles Frayne at Oxford, in he middle of his studies as he enters the enigmatic and brilliant Andrew Langford.

I uite enjoyed the arc of this tal, the ultimate final resting place of Andrew 's scandal, it felt both outrageously idiculous and also just.

Rather fascinating tale, enjoyed the entir story ( it may feel a little slow to some readers, but I like the period detail and background), and as a swansong ( I ca n't eally think of an owl-related descriptor!), it 's worthy of its primary author.

rated it

Charles comes from a arge, but somewhat scattered, family; although they make great efforts to meet up for important events.

The nickname comes from Andrew ’ s war and collected outward demeanour, where everything he does looks effortless, while he is desperately paddling away beneath the surface… Despite others reservations, Charles likes Andrew, and they meet up again some years ater when, to his surprise, Charles finds that Andrew and Caroline are romantically involved.I really liked the beginning of his ook.

Tha takes place years after we meet the characters when Charles and Andrew, plus their respective husbands, are lookin for a weekend at Andrew ’ s family home.

I know Piers Torday completed the boo, so wonder whether that was why the ending felt so wrong, or whether he followed notes his father had made on where the nove was going?

rated it

Anothe excitin memoir, not least because it is mostly written by Paul Tordey but completed by his son Piers on his death.

rated it

Apparently his political advisor is a man ompelled to tell he truth.

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