Death Row Apocalypse

Warning! Don ’ t actually kno about reading this if you are faint of heart. Do you love to be loved? Do you have the drive to survive? Would you do nything to live? Experience first-hand the thoughts of a serial killer as he practices his art on both the living and undead. Fighting hand to hand against the worst that humanit has to ffer. Both from within death row and without, our dark hero takes on all adversaries leaving a bloodbath in his wake.

Meet Blaine, a ark and somewhat twisted serial killer who enjoys his profession to an extreme! He finds himself narrowly escaping execution on death row only to wake up in prison crawling with ombies. Blaine exercises his talents as he begin a small group of visitors to safety, while countless zombies hunt them down like vermin and tears them apart one by one ...

he tale flips back in time, and this reader is reintroduce to brief moments in the serial killer 's childhood, where even then, the atrocities he commits will disturb you to your very core. Hired by the CIA, he is tasked to take down a terrorist cell. The cell destroys suburban life in central Florida as it tears its way through 13 teenage girls and a toddler in a cold-blooded sadistic rampage. Once again, Blaine applies his talents, this time setting the level of gore to overdrive as he goes toe to toe with each member of he terrorist cell in turn and teaches them the real wor of terror.

Visiting death row, desperate to survive, th group of civilians stays close to Blaine. Watch through the eyes of this CIA assassin, as he bring his quarry apart… quite literally.
he level of violence described in blood-curdling detail is enough to turn the sane insane!
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Published June 21st 2015

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rated it

He wil fight zombies if they hav to survive.

If you fear reading about blood and gore then stay away from tha.

I have to know that vampire are still not my favorite, but throw in something unique like this and I ’ ll be more apt to read it.

rated it

He is ow fighting for his life from zombies I found another story to be fast paced and a quick read.

rated it

Blaine Wilken, the Blender Butcher, starts his story about his life that bega when he was about to die.

I felt I ould n't be ble to stand a zombie tory, but I was wrong.

Great job Mackey for a convincingly great zombie story!

rated it

Darrick Mackey has a way of adding blood to scenes that I have even read since I read Clive Barker ’ s Books of Blood or those fabulous 80 ’ s horror flicks.

nce you see Blaine work you will notice the intensity and a thorough thoughtfulness that he sees into his kills.

I have yet read a zombie apocalypse book where I felt excited about how Blaine was going to dispatch these monsters.

ow at first I hought that the write had gone back in Blaine ’ s past again and it threw me a little because Eddie is nothing like Blaine.

way it starts is why Eddie is also in ook, therwise I migh b done without his nonsense.The killing for the CIA was the nly something that I liked was almost a bit cumbersom.

hat guy is annoying but I ’ m hoping there is going to hav book two.

rated it

his reviewer familiar with etymology, he somewhat objects to the combination of “ apocalypse ” in he book ’ s title since the word ctually means “ revelation, ” and would ave gone with another word such as “ doomsday. ” The book itself opens with a letter from the fictional arrator of most chapters, Blaine Wilken, the “ Blender Butcher, ” who want the reader that thi story commences with his supposed death.

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