Death Storm

The Dark Fantasy Zombie Apocalypse

The great evil descends upon the kingdom of Medanholm. A necromancer in the service of a fallen god leads an army of undead to extinguish all life. In he illage of Briar ’ s nd, there are few survivors. They are scattered and hopelessly outnumbered, with dwindling options for sanctuary. Hidden away within their mountain temple, the demons are oblivious to the horror on their doorstep…

... and it ’ s goin for them.

Death Storm is book 1 in the Hungry Gods series, Dark Fantasy Zombie Apocalypse that brings the nightmare of Armageddon to a high fantasy world.
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Published July 12th 2013 by G.S. Wright

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rated it

G.S. Wright places you right in the middle of the action as a zombie army marches through an old world kingdom.

rated it

I read it in th ay, could n't elp myself, I totally love Death Storm, Book 1: Hungry Gods.

rated it

nother amazin novel showing what an excellent story teller he is.

Death Storm is so different than any other ook I have read.

A ook might have you on the edge of your seat but it 's ot all action, there is love story and happiness of family.

rated it

It 's dark fantasy, it 's a zombie apocalypse book -- I 'm till not sick of zombies, mostly because I 've been judiciously limiting my exposure -- and it 's called Death Storm.

Specifically Ye Olde Dungeons and Dragones Fantasy Tropes here -- there are elves, and all we know about them is that they packed up and left in the face of he zombie hordes and the las one who gets screen-time is a wizard.

There are wandering priests with maces who can theoretically turn undead, which we know because there 's a party of adventures that has one and they ell him to deal with the ombies who show up.It 's not that D& D tropes ca n't lead to dark fantasy, because The Witcher books are also elf-dwarf-goblin fantasy and I 'm dam sure most people would call those dark fantasy.

Anyway I was upposed to ook at all the suspens and death occurring as the zombies eat people, but the problem is that he book moved to fast that I did n't have any chance to develop any attachment to anyone.

I 'm uneasy arguing in avor of more fantasy doorstoppers, but if there had been more time in Briar 's End and I had otten to know bot of Dorian and Lara 's neighbors, maybe I ould have cared that they were urned into flesh-eating undead monsters.

is th fantasy world with man-eating ogres and dark elf goblin queens, so it 's always like " there 's an army of marauding monsters " is he sens of unbelievable Maybe there 's an explanation for all tha, but I do n't have enough information to determine what it is.

I did like the en, and I fee like the initial attack was pretty good at conveying the horror of a ombie attack from the Dorian 's perspective even if I did n't care about his neighbors.

rated it

Okay, I 'll admit, I 'm over zombies.

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