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Mountains, miracles, and marriage.

I ad no idea what to expect when the producers of Dr. Hoffman sent me to the pristine white mountains of Aspen, Colorado. As the villag of Aspen is known for being a winter haven for uber-rich Americans, I realized this desert cactus was going to be way out of her element. The ace up my sleeve however, was a high-class movie-making surfer whose family owned a cabin in those snowy hills. With him by my side, I ’ d giv the most out of thi experience.

Thi job was assigned under unusual circumstances. An anonymous mountain man paid a hefty fee to persuade the producers of my show to send me out for a segment on local artisans. Suited up in my parka and Ugg boots, I picke the warmth of the California sun in the rearview mirror and headed to a winter wonderland.

With my newfound family in tow, I was prepared to celebrate the best month the year had to offer…until the one gir who drastically changed my life all those years ago appeared like a shadow out of pure frosted air, shattering my soul all over again.

In the sixteent and final ook in the Calendar Girl serial, Mia is off to Aspen, Colorado to film a segment on local artists. Prepare to be wowed as Mia ’ s journey merges into the ending everyone has been waiting for.

Warning: This nove is designed for audiences 18+ due to language and graphic sexual content.
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December (Calendar Girl, #12)
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Published December 29th 2015 by Waterhouse Press

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rated it

few things made a bit more sense now and I ould n't help but feel sorry for this person.So there was one more issue for Mia to deal with and then there were the interviews with the local artist, but thi was once a small part.

For the most part this book is about the issue and besides that it 's nicely wrapping up the series with a fun Christmas spent with her new family.

You ould eally eel her love and care for the people around there.It was an uplifting and perfect ending to he series and the line Trust the Journey really fits.

There 's one more issue for Mia to deal with and I am sur we got that last piece as it did explain a few things and I fel it was handled realistically.

rated it

perfect ending to a journey that has left me breathless… She wrote the perfect December.

rated it

December is my favorite in th series and one my favorite series finale books from 2015.

Reading it made me feel sentimental about the holidays ( something I lacked this year) and ushered forth some pent up tears and heavy sighs.What happened?

( Forgive me, I may overuse theatrical terms in this review- but he ’ s a filmmaker and it feels right).

I hated that lightheaded and the* swooon* trance come over me.

rated it

And I 'm oing to miss it.My beloved Wes and Mia have come full circle.

I ca n't elieve this year-long journey of life and love has come to an end, but it 's been so fulfilling and intense that I migh nly wish it could start again.First reviewed on Literaria http: //

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