Deep Dark Secrets

The deadliest secrets are the ones we keep from ourselves ...

One year ago, seventeen-year-old Marayah Freeman nearly died in a tragic car accident that also took the life of her best riend, Hailey.

Memories of the accident plague Marayah, but no one knows they 're real. They thin there was no shadowy figure on the bridge that night. No oil-black tears running down Hailey 's face. No guy who appeared from a bright light in the forest.

Intrigued, Marayah locks those memories away and attempt to focus on future, but he past keeps pulling her back. A guy who ooks like the stranger from the forest enrolls in her school, and her ightmares are getting bette. But when she overhears th note in her ocker, the suspens of the accident becomes more terrifying than ever. The note is from Hailey.

" Marayah,
If I 'm dead --
it ha n't an accident.
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Deep Dark Secrets
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Published August 23rd 2017 by Dead River Books, LLC

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rated it

Marayah saw darkness in her mento, there were black tears streaming down Hailey 's face and what was inside her is now inside Marayah.

Marayah and Hailey were n't alone when the ccident happened.

Is there way to giv to the bottom of the subjec and is Marayah still in danger? Deep Dark Secrets is a ripping tal about friendship, darkness and secrets.

obody elieves her when she asks what she saw on the ight of the cras and this makes her doubt herself and the memories she has.

rated it

he note is from Hailey. “ Marayah, If I ’ m dead— it wasn ’ t an accident. ” I first found Sarra Cannon when I stumbled upon the first nove from the Shadow Demons Saga Beautiful Demons as an Amazon Freebie.

I have been a member of Sarra 's advanced reading team for around the last 4 or 5 books and with each and every book released I love her stories a little bit more.Deep Dark Secrets is the fourth in thi new trilogy which is completely separate from any of her differen series.

( Source: Google) Marayah is the irst character we meet in Deep Dark Secrets and there is omething about the pat she has been written that made me instantly like her.

rated it

She knows deep in her heart that she and her fathe did n't have an accident due to drugs ... she just wante it, and she is out to rove it.

his nove took some twists and turns that kept me guessing the hole time.

I just knew his ook and I ca n't wait to writ first in this series.

rated it

** Start of my book description: Marayah& her friend Hailey are driving home from th party one night& wind up in a errible accident.

Marayah has some memory issues after the accident& desperately searches for the answers of what actuall happened that night-because one thing she think she knows for sure, is that she never took any drugs.

She survived the crash, but mus she survive what 's happening to her now?** End of my book descriptionThat 's the best that I can understand it without giving away too much, or spoiling any of it.

rated it

To be really onest, I ad never stumbled upon any of Sarra 's books before I found her channel.

We were simpl told what Marayah felt and thought and whatnot, but we were rarely shown those things.

Anothe tory was tediou, the big reveal was n't big at all and frankly, thi entir thing felt underdeveloped.

rated it

Sarra has managed to turn her life of writing into it 's own saga, and as s, I am hesitant to find out what ca happen next!

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