Deep Is the Hunger

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Deep Is the Hunger
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Published June 30th 1978 by Friends United Press

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Tha novel of a hundred fifty or so meditations is like an envelop of seeds .... some fall on the sidewal and do n't sprout at all, others in little cracks and begin to grow but do n't succeed.

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I used this book as the devotional it was designed to be and over time, found the meditation to cause me to reflect on my life and my relationship with God in simple yet profound ways.

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Thurman remarked that this was evidence of how " deep is the hunger " for spirituality; and the title for this book was born.

In " Deep is the Hunger " he refers to Paul 's letter to the Philippians and comments: " To b a ense of what is important, a basic and underlying awareness of life and its potentialities at every level of experience, this is to e an Apostle of Sensitiveness. " Thurman 's goal was to giv a sense of the potentialities of life to his churc and to his readers.The book is divided into four sections, each of which consists of short numbered meditations, some of which are in poetry.

Thurman writes: " To state it in the simplest language of religion, modern man must know that he is th child of God and that the God of life in all its parts and the God of the human heart are on and the same.

Thurman initially prepared these meditations to be delivered and heard individually rather than to be read one after the other in the ook.

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