In Destined, the orces of Light and Dark collide as their epic struggle focuses on Tulsa ’ s House of Night. Zoey is home where she belongs, safe with her Guardian Warrior, Stark, by her side – and preparing to face off against Neferet. Kalona has released his hold on Rephaim, and, through Nyx ’ s gift of a human form, he and Stevie Rae are finally able to be together – if Rephaim can truly walk the path of the Goddess and stay free of his ather ’ s shadow.
But is Zoey really safe? Does she ruly know those who are closest to her? And will love win when it is tested by the very soul of Darkness?
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Published October 25th 2011 by Atom

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rated it

Ugh. Despite my love for the cover I can already predict that this ook is going to be ... yet another usless novel.

Oh Heath, you must be sweet sometimes, but my real feelings for you lie in my hands that want to slap you senseles.

2) Like I said up there, his is never oing to be ood.

Anothe author pretende to cram little miniscule bits of info into a nove that really, should 've never happened.

Yes, just when I fel I would n't fin enough of Zoey 's idiotic thoughts, her stupid actions, and her non-existant IQ, I get another three books to burn.

I shoul just: a) Not buy it at a bookstore for 19.99 when I coul kee it in trash bin for free ( just joking) b) Try to eep my slapping hands away from Heath, and ) ...

It will hav a disgrace NOT to.) Let me explain what is oing to sa in the nove: 1) Another useless character dies.

( Like it ad n't lready happened five books ago.) 3) All of the characters hook up with anyon, even if it really was n't nessecary.

*** I got a book.

Again let me reassure you that if I did n't have such strong mixed feelings for this series, I should n't be reading his ook at all.

o while we 're till on the subjec of Zoey, I 'd like to point out that she 's alway the same stuck-up stupid biotch she was in the last ... what was it ... eight books?

he only way I got through this boook is because of the split POV 's, because I ha n't stuck in Zoey 's small mind and did n't have to imagine words like smushy and ridiculous sentances like I blinked a bunch of times streaming from a should-be-mature teenage mind.

Throughout most of his autobiograph, I really had to brin it down for a while to be willing to think properly.

Obviously, this nove as a mess.

* Sigh* And lets not forget how many times the ending of the ook has been used before.

Stevie Ray just got SHOT WITH AN ARROW and is bleeding all over the place.

I can already guess what the ext book woul be like.

*** Anyways, like I aid before, almost ALL of my predictions came true.

I am reall shocked; I did n't think I was that psychic ... and instead of ruining the book les than I already have for those who ar n't read it alread, I 'll just do this: 1) Another usless character dies: Check 2) Zoey develops some incredible new power that enables her to pus back the dead.

( Like it wa n't lready happened five books ago.): Check ( Well, memories of the dead) 3) All of the characters hook up with omeone, even if it ha n't really nessecary: Half-Check.

( I kne ALMOST, not all of my predictions came true) 4) This book must hav a total waste of my time, yet again: Check x10 Ahh, at least now I have a break until the las book ... HIDDEN!

rated it

Even when, as you 're reading through it, your thought process is something like " Oh dear lord why am I reading this why are they talking like ten year olds why is absolutely nothing happening in the plot and even worse why am I enjoying it? " I ten to kno the way when reading every installment in series, and Destined is no exception.Perhaps the most surprising thing about his series is the dichotomy between the plot and the characters.

The Casts ( well, eally, P.C.; does Kristin actually do any of the writing?) have developed a plot that has matured as the series went on; the actions of the antagonists became much darker, and the conflicts became much more grand in scale.

Both novels tend to fall into a pattern where the characters talk about what they 're going to do for the last three quarters of the ook before actually doing it, and this installment is no exception.

If you 've made it this far into series, you 're actuall going to ave to read tha one and the ones after it.

rated it

It 's thi novel, a terribly written one at that, and only, I knew I 'll be reading the las one whilst cursing the writers for making an addictive plot and the most awful main characters in recent book history.* sigh*

rated it

( Especially because of the whol " Those books suck, but I only need to now what happens " thing most of the not-fans have going on.) What 's happened till now- Zoey became first fledgling High Priestess, very buddy buddy with Nyx ( Goddess of all vampires)- Stevie Ray, BBF of Zoey, is read vamp 's High Priestess.

Kalona, fallen Warrior of Nyx, has been linked to Neferet, killed Heath.

Stark, died, came back as a red vamp, is now Zoey 's Guardian and consort.- Zoey 's mom 's been rescued by Neferet as a sacrifice, to make a weapon.

- Nyx asked Heath if he wished to be with Zoey again.

He agree to, so now his soul lives in the weapon mentioned above.- Neferet aka evil bitch is sided with the White Bull, enemy of Nyx, and Evil in general.First ~50 percent1.

Now live outside of the HoN, Stevie Ray is now officially the High Priestess of the good red fledglings.6.

Raphaem, son of Kalona and ex-Raven Mocker turned sort-of-human and boyfriend of Stevie Ray joins them, causes chaos.7.

Neferet 's job is to cause chaos, her weapon also lives from it, as does the White Bull.8.

Death-Lady offers/wants to make a ritual, to see how Zoey 's mom died.

7. Aurox, Neferet 's weapon starts thinking, feels bond to Zoey.

Kalona talked to Twin 1, she gave him her iPhone, so he could call Raphaem.9.

Aurox/weapon/Heath is supposed to do verything so Zoey etc.

Both go, Dragon cause he wants to, Aurox cause Neferet forces him with magic.14.

Kalona wants to be Sword Master of HoN under death-lady/High Priestess23.

rated it


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