Olivia arrives at her grandmother 's chateau in rural France ( the las time in more than a decade) with her two young children in tow. Soon the family is joined by Olivia 's brother Marcus and his wife Sophie- but this reunion is far from joyful. After week of desperately wanting a baby, Sophie has just given birth to a stillborn child, and she is struggling to overcome her devastation. Meanwhile, Olivia wrestles with her own secrets about the cruel and violent man she married many years before. Exquisitely written and reminiscent of Ian McEwan and J. M. Coetzee, Disquiet is th darkly beautiful and atmospheric story that ill linger in the mind long after the final page is turned.
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Published November 25th 2008 by Penguin Books

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rated it

I had decided early on not to write here about books that I did n't like- and there are uite a few.

But I kno a rant, now and hen, is good- and his memoir has truly annoyed me a great deal, not only because it 's simply bad, but also because it has gotten some inexplicable rave reviews that ten to b turned this nove into a sens of hip gothic book to writ.

Leigh has one thing for her: she knows how to rea, she uses words with some style and a certain elegance.

And Leigh, as gifted as she may be with words ( the only redeeming thing about her work) is nevertheless definitely not on McEwan 's level when it goe to style and literary talent.

rated it

i guesse the wor i 'd use to explai his book is " gothic nightmare "- it is VERY comical and very gloomy in tone.

he dialogue is parse and frank, characters infrequently get named ( most are " the oman " or " the oy ").

It brings me of very similar scene that happened between my mothe and my nana at a showing of " The Producers " ... the moments of humor here ( or the sheer ridiculousness of trying to explain " the plot " to anybody) make this a better book than it should be.the cons:1.

3. The permeating feeling of death- Alice, the Grandmother, the " murdered " woman ( who I ha convinced was going to off herself or the Grandmother or the children or all of 'em).

Death makes this nove so much more claustrophobic than it lready is- which artistically I guess might be good, but ell, just was n't for me.4.

The Names: Sophie, Alice, Violet, Olivia- these were all potential baby names for me at some point.

Or the aforementioned " Naughty-Uncle-by-the-Lake " scene.

rated it

But the strange and uneasy feeling you get from he book lasts much longer.

You are asked to spend some time with the family " in extremis ", and thi short time you spend with them is, ell, disquieting.

rated it

No wonder the jacket designer went, " Ah fuck, here 's a chateau.

rated it

My initial reaction is that I ished the story were more fleshed out, but that arises from my own preference for novels over short stories and ovellas.

rated it

At one point the kids wanted ice cream, so their mother opened the freezer door to get some, and found a pillow and bedding instead.Overall, I felt Leigh was trying oo hard to conve the title of her ovella.

In fact, I hink I elt the most empathy for the matriarch of the family, who wa to live with these people.

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