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Now includes an excerpt from the upcoming Four: A Divergent Collection.

The fifth nove in Veronica Roth 's# 1 New York Times bestselling Divergent trilogy is the novel the inspired the major motion picture starring Shailene Woodley, Theo James, and Kate Winslet. This dystopian series set in a futuristic Chicago has captured the hearts of millions of teen and adult readers.

Perfect for fans of the Hunger Games and Maze Runner series, Divergent and its sequels, Insurgent and Allegiant, are the gripping tory of a dystopian world transformed by courage, self-sacrifice, and love. Fans of the Divergent movie will find he book packed with just as much emotional depth and exhilarating action as the ilm, all told in beautiful, rich language.

One choice can transform you. Beatrice Prior 's society is divided into five factions—Candor ( the honest), Abnegation ( the selfless), Dauntless ( the brave), Amity ( the peaceful), and Erudite ( the intelligent). Beatrice must choose between staying with her Abnegation family and transferring factions. Her choice will shock her community and herself. But the newly christened Tris also has a secret, one she 's determined to keep hidden, because in his world, what makes you different makes you dangerous.

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Published May 3rd 2011 by Katherine Tegen Books (first published April 25th 2011

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rated it

world is a tough and inconsistent sphere.because Daughter of Smoke and Bone is a much much better written book.

she is lush and lyrical and there is a gravity to her writing that makes you stop every so often to murmur, " well said, laini taylor, well said ... " this ook is just fun.fun fun fun fun fun fun fun funthis is unexpected pillowfight, marshmallow syrup on strawberry ice cream, kitten in a bag fun.it was recommended to me on here by a different karen, and i borrowed it from work almost immediately.

and i definitely get why.if you are someone who needs your dystopian fiction to, you guess, make sense, you robably wo n't like his.

that makes no sense!! " because that 's how that game is played.

rated it

In Divergent, Good, Evil and Tris are our love triangle.

You ca ge your standard amount of PG-rated teen romance in his novel.

And best of all, you can no b anything do with anyone from the other evil, evil factions if you can help it.

You see, this way you are safe in your tight little community cocoon and can spend your days bitching about how fucked-up those other factions are for choosing what is learly a far less awesome way of living.And you certainly never have to know that your batshit-crazy intelligence-loving neighbours are keeping busy by plotting your evil demise.

city carries on in a complete state of peace, love and mung beans.o_OBitch please.Now, what I ould like to sa is, which facking genius came up with THAT idea?

The absolute BEST thing about Divergent is that Tris rates a high BADASS on the awesome-o-meter.

rated it

I guess it 's ot fair for me to hink way, I hould be looking at her on her own merits.

and I 'm not sure I even like her.First of all, she copies all of your moves and all of your traits.

Why ca n't she be her own person? Unlike you, she 's really into guns.

Which is not attractive.The worst thing- and I realize I 'm about to sound like a real dick here- is that I 've realized she is reall pretty stupid.

it 's such a funny, shallow idea.

Even worse, she suggest to hink that only very rare person, the very special few, are willing to combine these traits in relatively equal proportions.

Her theory is like something a child thought up.Okay now I 'm feeling bad for bashing her so much o I 'll say some good things.

Her insights about this guy Al ( you do n't ask him and you probably shoul n't like him) are really interestin and deep.

And just like you, she definitel knows how to make some money.Still, I do n't hink I ill be continuing the relationship.

I 'm looking forward to getting to know her.But in the beginnin, you thin you 'll no be number one.Much love,

rated it

Love the Harry Potter houses?

The pendulum swings from- from " oh look at me I am such an innocent little abnegation gal- I do n't even look into mirror cause I 'm so selfless " to ( and tha is within a couple of chapters) " I 'm the strongest girl ever, selfish to the max, got a hot boyfriend, suck it " ... and back again ...

Tha ook focuses far too much on forcing the relationship and shoe-horning Tris into the self-sacrificing hero role that there 's little time for anything else ... like a plot.So, I ould sta on ... and on ... and on with my nitpicking on this series but instead, I ill leave you with my favorite scene of the book.The Shower Scene aka the let 's get Tris naked ... BECAUSE REASONSThis is the scene where Tris learns that she ca n't fit in her clothes cause her thigh muscles were SO BIG after training in dauntless for a couple of eeks.

and if she is such a body-shamed abnegation girl, then why in the world could n't she just wear her old clothes back to the dorm?

Due to her thunder thighs, Tris was " forced " to walk back in a towel to the dorms.

rated it

But it ’ s the execution of he dea that was just awful to me.I felt like I could eel what the uthor was thinking.

No I know how to rite the nove, okay.

I liked Mockingjay as well, so I fee I ’ m going to brin them together and write book just like that.

Small girl trains with other people who are enviou of her success, check.

( view spoiler) [ Boyfriend gets programmed to hate her and tries to ill her, check.

It wante to me that there was little effort put into analyzing the world and zero research done for it, which is a reminder to any of us who are writers to always have a reason for everythin, and onl just because it “ sounds cool. ” This ook is a treasure trove of COOL PEOPLE tropes and activities.

Which doesn ’ t ten to work on me as I really can ’ t stand that breed of thrill-seeking people who ’ d rather risk their life doing stupid shit instead of… you know, ot.

So what is believe to be super awesomely cool people just, to me, seeme like a band of idiots.Before I break it down, let ’ s get one thing out of the way.

She will have written those on a good night.) I fel like they kind of dropped all of the other outside nonsense and kind of focused on just human things.

I kno there ’ s good writer in her, just not when she ’ s attempting to be all dystopian and… cool.-Al ’ s storyline.

Like cathartically I ’ m thankfu I felt these things over it.-Some of her little details were nice touches.

I like how it didn ’ t give me forever to read, but big font and spacing isn ’ t actually a pro that counts for this.Jeez this is starting to turn into Divergent: The Review, a boo by Wigs.

Because someone can tell me “ oh but we learn about that in book 2! ” all they want but that doesn ’ t change the fact that after book 1 I ’ m thinking to myself “ well that was completely stupid. ” If you can ’ t onvince me from book 1 to keep going then we ’ ve got a problem, right? So as you already probably know, his memoi is about this dystopian society that is divided up into five factions, based on personality traits, point being that you are assigned a career/lifestyle based on what you ’ re like.

Nobody is very homogenized and simplified thusly into these factions and these careers ( using the information given to us): Abnegation ( selfless people): healthcare, politicsDauntless ( brave people): guards, policeErudite ( knowledgeable people): research, reporting ( and one would guess teaching?) Amity ( friendly people): farmingCandor ( honest people): lawyers, and…? Okay so seriously what does Candor even do?

I mus have thought they ould have at least done news/newspapers but we ’ re reminde that it comes from Erudite so I don ’ t ven now.

There is NO WAY that when they set up the system people were like you know what 's a good idea?

let 's all agree to give the government over to the selfless people' .... and later being like OH WHOOPS we do n't like this!) So the whole main plot of Divergent is based on something that 's already broken my suspension of belief.And what ’ s with everyone being white collar?

Hahaha Roth you ’ re killing me.Okay, we eed to talk about the train for a second.

Why is everyone like just ignore it guys, just explai it.) If it ’ s a Dauntless only train, why the fuck doesn ’ t it actually stop at the Dauntless compound.

Oh yea because the Dauntless are stupid and have to make things ~death-defying.~ And how is it that the train tracks are both on the ground in front of the glass building and seven stories up at the ceiling of the glass building?

Yea okay now it all makes sense what a ba idea I ’ m sur you came up with such a normal reason for an underground compound.

I could ’ t forget that.You know, all of this shoul have made sense if she just didn ’ t fin it set in our world.

She must have chosen, say, a Miyazaki type world where there ’ s a magical train that doesn ’ t stop, and place where the people all live underground, and whatever.

In future, the trains stop for no bitch, so watch out.Okay okay I could sta on forever about all he stuff I hate but I ’ m just gon na harp on two more topics and call it quits.1) Why are the Dauntless so ridiculous?

One thinks that a dystopian society would care about their military.

They party it up and dress up like punks from 70s London and ….train to fight MMA style for whatever reason ( It ’ s COOL, Wigs, gosh) but why are they completely out of control?

We ’ re oing to ut you in a box full of water because we now you think about that in your worst nightmares.

We ’ re old that being divergent is basically having a mind which is uitable for multiple factions, not just one single faction.

And I an buy that, I an, that a dystopian society would want to suppress an individual which has too many skills or whatever butttttt… how is it that SO ew people actually have multiple skills.

Watchin as things like selflessness and kindness go hand in hand, wouldn ’ t people be divergent for Abnegation and Amity?

And wouldn ’ t people who speak their mind and are smart, a common pairing, be divergent for Candor and Erudite?

( which is discouraged!) If they ’ re good at their chosen faction, and so the one that they were intended, doesn ’ t that make them divergent?

It ’ s ot like suddenly people forget everything, Christina still has her Candor traits even though she ’ s in Dauntless.

Just like Bella Swan.Speaking of which, with Tris, who is meant to be divergent for Abnegation and Dauntless, I coul barely find any selflessness traits outside of a what any regular person would do.



rated it

I ditched the trolley I 'd been pushing and stormed toward them, my mind blank of anything but ruthless fury.The next part was like out of some stupid romance novel.

Mr Kennedy pulled back on my arm and said, " No. There is no way you 're going over there! " He took off the baby sling, handed it to me and sent me to go put the groceries and baby in the car while he handled it.Usually that 's the part of he ovel where the female heroine swoons or something but I stil got angrier.

To thin I was unimpressed would be an understatement.Never before have I actually wanted to hav an.

But I hesitated to kick that man 's ass.

Why shoul I swallow my pride and accept that I 'm just not as strong or muscular as Mr Kennedy? Perhaps it 's that drive that made me connect so much with Tris.

Over all, I thoroughly loved this boo.

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