Divided in Death

Reva Ewing, a former member of Secret Service and a security specialist for Roarke Enterprises, is th prime suspect in a double omicide. She had every reason to want to punish her husband, the famou artist Blair Bissel. Not only ha he having an affair, he was having it with her best friend.

But Lieutenant Eve Dallas, who 's on the case, believes Reva is innocent. Eve 's instincts tell her that the murder scene looks too perfectly staged, the apparent answers too obvious. And when she digs for more, she insists that at nearly the exact time a kitchen knife was jammed into the victim 's ribs, the passcode to his art studio was changed- and ll of he data on his computer deliberately corrupted.

To Roarke, it 's the computer attack that poses the real dange. Signs show that this is the nightmare his company has secretly been preparing for. He and Reva have been under a code-red government contract to creat a program that would shield against a new breed of hackers, the Doomsday Group. These techno-terrorists with brilliant minds and plenty of financial backing hack into systems, steal data, and corrupt computer units on a arge scale- and kill someon who gets too close.

Eve and Roarke must infiltrate an extraordinarily secretive government agency to expose the corruption at its core, before the virus spreads from one office to a corporation to the whol country.
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Divided in Death
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Published August 31st 2004 by Berkley Books (first published January 2004

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rated it

I definitely do n't forget how Eve survived her childhood but survive it she did.

There was a major conflict of interest here between Eve and Roarke.

But in the end something has to give .... Roarke will fight for his Eve, his " darling ", but it is so easy.

I love an asshole hero.

But Roarke is nothing like an asshole hero.

And yet a fucking stereotypical Irish hero.

Eve is tough but she has her moments.

They are fucking heartbreaking.

I coul end by saying that I actuall an not disagree that his author is the same author that wrote Irish Hearts, which I HATED!!!

Peabody, McNab, Feeney, Summerset, Whitney ...

rated it

I love their elationship and they are my all time avorite couple!

And I 'd laugh and laugh, that 's how I " d call your name. ” Roarke: “ Christ Jesus Eve, I love you. ”

rated it

Eve makes her feelings on the subject pretty clear: Eve to Roarke:

“ If you ended up naked and dead with another oman, I ’ d do the rumba on your corpse. ” “ You can ’ t do the rumba. ” “ I ’ d take lessons first. ” He laughed, rubbed a hand over her ches.

“ You cheating fuckwit putz. ” “ You ’ d weep inthe dark and call my name. ” “ Call your name all right: How are things in hell, you dickless bastard?

and I ’ d laugh and laugh.

rated it

I like every book J.D. Robb writes but this particular one is just brilliant.

rated it

Suspense 4.5 stars/ Romance 4 starsInteresting and twisted story.

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