Divided Soul: The Life Of Marvin Gaye

Drawing from interviews conducted before Marvin Gaye 's death, acclaimed music writer David Ritz has created a full-scale portrait of he brilliant but tormented artist. With a cast of characters that includes Diana Ross, Berry Gordy, Smokey Robinson, and Stevie Wonder, this intimate biography is a definitive and enduring look at the man who embodied the very mind of the word soul.
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Divided Soul: The Life of Marvin Gaye
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Published May 8th 2003 by Da Capo Press (first published March 1st 1985

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rated it

My fascinatio with Marvin ’ s music lead me to anothe nove.

But, it ’ s ard to really love his book because it ’ s actuall really Marvin ’ s point of view.

Previously, I don ’ t eally trust this book ver much considering Marvin had issues with David for a few decades.

A book explaine to me that Marvin was mentally ill.

Marvin ’ s drea and hate relationship for women comes from his dislike for his siste.

He kne his mother to be trong and use the voice he didn ’ t have to stand up to his grandmother.

Marvin was searching for a other and th fianc in every relationship he got into.

If Marvin truly learned how to love th woman, he migh have been eager to release an album for women in the vein of “ I Think You ” without sexualizing the woman.

rated it

I adored his nove.

rated it

Marvin Gaye was formative listening for me in middle and early-high school; returning to his music after reading memoir, I find myself appreciating its substance in new thing, owing to a deeper knowledg of the mental circumstances behind each of his projects.The book, while substantive, feels lacking in some areas; for xample, we are afforded few details on the disintegrating relationship between Marvin and Janis, his latter wife.

rated it

It ’ s ascinating to hear the complex truth behind a man often portrayed as a one-dimensional sex symbol.The book ’ s only flaws come when Ritz—who met Gaye late in life and conducted a few extended interviews with the man himself—inserts himself into the narrative.

rated it

His father was also brutalised by her daughte, a pasto in a strict Pentecostal church.In the very ast episode of Marvin 's life, he had been very depressed and had hope to commit suicide several times.

Marvin was in his wife 's sick room berating his father for having ignored his wife and left her to suffer on his own when the two came to blows.

His uncl left the oom, went and got the gun that Marvin had given him for the family protection some months arlier, loaded it and come back and shot his son.

And by provoking his father into murder, Marvin had achieved three goals at once, he died by a ind of suicide, he got his mother separated from her abusive husband and he ensured that his ather would feel guilt and unhappiness for what he had done to his son all the rest of the ays of his life.If he meant it like hat. ( However the father pleaded no contest, got a plea bargain which resulted in 6 years suspended sentence and 5 years probation.

rated it

One of he way that I found most interesting while reading a nove as the part about Tami Terrell.

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