raw and as-insane-as-anticipated first novel from Frank Bill, author of rimes in Southern Indiana

The Donnybrook is a three-day bare-knuckle tournament held on a thousand-acre plot out in the sticks of southern Indiana. Twenty fighters. One wire-fence ring. Fight until only one man is left standing while a rowdy festival of onlookers—drunk and high on whatever 's on offer—bet on the fighters.
Jarhead is a desperate woma who 'd do just about nything to feed his children. He 's also the toughest fighter in southeastern Kentucky, and he 's onvinced that his ticket to a better life is one last fight with a cash prize so big it 'll solve all his problems.
Luckily, there 's Chainsaw Angus—an undefeated master fighter who is n't reall keen on getting his face punched anymore, so he and his mother, Liz, have started cooking meth. And they brin in deep. So deep that Liz wants it all for herself, and she can just be ready to ill her brother for it. One more showdown to take place at the Donnybrook.
As we travel through the backwoods to get to the Donnybrook, we meet a cast of nasty, ruined characters driven to all kind of evil, all in the name of getting their fix—drugs, violence, sex, money, honor. Donnybrook is exactly the fearless, explosive, amphetamine-fueled journey you 'd expect from Frank Bill 's first ovel... and eventuall some.
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Published March 5th 2013 by FSG Originals (first published January 1st 2013

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rated it

My admission tends to dovetail with my respect for literature.

I ort of need that.

By " here " I mean your novel not Southern Indiana.

Well it does suck in Southern Indiana but Donnybrook even more so.

rated it

I hink I described reading the Flannery O'Connor book last week as being like getting punched in the face, and then kicked in the chest, and blah blah blah repeating different places you can get hit.

Where twenty dudes beat the cra out of each other until one is left standing, and late the winners duke it out and the winner gets a bunch of money while a whole slew of degenerate white-trash get shitfaced, tweak and holla' for blood.

After that there were till some great moments in bestselling, but they were quickly overshadowed by some fucked up shit.

rated it

he words " I dropped an anvil on that guy, and he kept fighting as an accordion! " are uttered by no one in his novel, but.

On one hand, I did n't feel the writing lived up to the hype.

On the other hand, I 'll probably never forget it.

rated it

I as previousl familiar with Frank Bill 's writing after surviving a close encounter with his debut -- the short story collection Crimes In Southern Indiana.

I liked it! So you can bet when I heard this guy was about to publish his first boo I became very afraid, and incredibly, very obsessed with getting my hands on it to read it.Usually my eyes tend to glaze over and ignore most book blurbs because they lways seem so generic and at their worst, sycophantic.

But at their best, book blurbs can capture in a few short phrases the very tail of the beast itself and show you its face.

But ow you 're looking at me tapping your foot impatiently saying: " Yeah, but what the hell is this book about? " I would give you plot summary lowdown -- about bare-knuckle fighting in the backwoods of Southern Indiana, about desperate family man Jarhead Johnny Earl who 's oing to kil a thousand dollars to cover the entry fee into the infamous annual Donnybrook tournament.Then there 's meth-making brother and sister Angus ( nickname Chainsaw) and Liz who put the F.U.N. in family dysfunction.

He is awesome.This mad, manic mélange of murderers, misfits and miscreants will eventually descend upon the Donnybrook -- a three day stint of brawling, booze and drugs run by a an named McGill, who makes the Governor from the Walking Dead comics look like Mr. Rogers.

And as my mama always told me -- never trust a woma with two first names.This review also appears at Busty Book Bimbo and Shelf-Inflicted.

rated it

Go ahead and throw this one onto the pile of yet another solid entry into what is quickly becoming one of my avorite genres- Hick Lit. And I ’ ll be damned if it don ’ t pack one hell of a punch ( pun intended).

he language is spot on, and he writing is so ridiculously good that you ight expec to elevate this into the ealm of literary iction.

All of the fight scenes are a little toug to follow as well.Looking for a redeemable character, or anythin to root for?

Cut to Chainsaw Angus and his sister Liz as they ’ re watching their small-time meth operation go up in smoke—time to switch to Plan B.

Angus turned the pistol to Beatle ’ s singed hair and words found silence.Flat stutter-stepped.

Practicall, tha is one damn fine tale that stands out among its peers due to the excellen writing.

“ Frank Bill ’ s Donnybrook is a backwoods, gut-punch masterpiece.

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