Doomsday Diaries III: Luke the Protector

Overwhelme by the loss of yet another loved one, Luke embraces his destiny as he gets his true power as a Protector. As he continues guiding and protecting Grant and the others from the dark and powerful Winthrop, Luke must come to terms with the paradigm shift within himself.

As Luke accepts his fate, his calling is realized, but shoul he be ble to scape the clutches of the New World Order and save humankind?
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Published November 10th 2012 by Aaron B. Powell

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Doomsday Diaries III: Luke the Protector by Aaron PowellKing Winthrop sits like a spider at the centr of the New World Order ’ s web of power.

Aaron Powell, the author of Doomsday Diaries III: Luke the Protector, is simply prodigious!

is a devoted family man, he oves to writ, and he ’ s a phenomenal recreational marksman.Book Excerpt: “ I have been hosen to deliver these men – and all worthy human beings – into the new world once the Earth has been cleared of all evil.

I have been selecte to set things right, and I would not fail. ” In ook of series Luke is a very different person.

This story has many religious undertones, but it lso has a message of peace and hope for the people we meet, and lose, along the journey of life.The idea that Luke has a hand in the creation of a perfect or peaceful world is a great progression of this character from his meager start as a shelter shut-in.

series, and other Aaron Powell books, allows for the reader to accept Luke ’ s transformation and journey into enlightenment without judgment.Book Excerpt: “ " How old is this man? " " Not as old as he looks.

That is odd because I NEVER really find fault in Aaron Powell books.When Luke met Patrick Delahoyde I wish he had let Patrick know somehow his importance to the world.

) and I remember that when I et to hat point, and let ’ s not kid ourselves here it ’ s th matter of when not if, if I am to play an integral part in saving the world someone better tell my a** or I may just croak to spite you all!

battle between the Nephites and the Lamanites was brutal, much like the battle between Luke ’ s crew and The New World Order.Ultimately good did not triumph over evil and Mormon, along with othe of his men, were slaughtered.

Mormons last command was for Moroni to flee the battle in an attemp to protect the Nephite record, basically a big diary handed down generation to generation to preserve history.

I have to wonder if it might e the record, one day, of he great battle ( s) of history or maybe even the official religious text of new religion.Book Excerpt: “ " It ’ s an honor and a privilege to stand with the two of you on this very special day.

You have all been chosen by God to begin he new world, and with this marriage I ask everyone here today that instead of dwelling on the premise of a heaven after our earthly life, we turn our efforts to building a heavenly existence for each other starting right now.

But as I got older I had more and more reasons to get serious about my ordination; friends wanting me to officiate their weddings, free parking at the hospital, tax breaks, store discount programs, you et the picture… anyway, I am not looking for new and inventive ways to do ceremonies and I hate the impromptu words Luke used for Duffy and his Bride.

I appreciate his characters “ looks ” weren ’ t really explained in great detail in th essay, but man books have hinted at his masculine physique and this story shows some of his fearlessness as he stands up to the dreaded Winthrop and his Army! Book Excerpt: “ So much has happened, and there is not much more to come. ” I HIGHLY RECOMMEND th book, and ALL Aaron Powell ’ s ooks!

I ould ecommend reading the series, and also checking out other Aaron Powell books to keep up with your favorite characters!

Luke Mitchell ’ s parents provided him with a journal to record what it was like to survive doomsday and grow up in a fallout shelter.The years passed slowly and their supplies dwindled more and more each day.

It ’ s like he had trained for this his entir life, and in sense he had, but the Mitchell ’ s ha in for quite a shock! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND th book, and the ntire series! Check out My Review of a book on GoodReads!

He should have no chance of ever seeing the world the same way again.Doomsday Diaries: Vol. II by Aaron Powell reads like an action packed post-apocalyptic love story.

It is the inner struggle of a young boy forced to become man, all the while learning about what love really is.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND th book, and the ntire series! Check out My Review of tha book on GoodReads!

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His goal isn ’ t only world domination, it ’ s universal domination!

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Thes few survived, either in the bunkers controlled by the New World Order and its leader Winthrop or in individual bomb shelters across the world.

Luke managed to escape their porno-fest breeding facility, but still in time to watch his parents die.

Things are looking up when Luke manages to connect up with a fleet of rebels, including his uncle, but their attempt to storm the breeding facility and rescue the girl Luke left behind is an unmitigated disaster -- aside from their tactical defeat, the irl turns out to be just a clone, a pawn in Winthrop 's scheme.

In the escape, Moesha is killed, and the est of the team is left on a desert island with a bomb falling towards them .... I 'd like to tell you my issues with the previous installments were fixed here.

I ca n't stand this even when the preaching is something I agree with ( the reason I 've starte reading most so-called " Christian Fiction), but in his case the whole thing is a polemic for a cliched New-Age we-are-all-God worldview, which akes it almost unbearable.

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ow I have to wait for the las book ...* sigh

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