Dragon's Rescue

Grace is betrayed to the Empire.
When her partner double-crosses her, Grace finds all allies adrift. The pirate captain Ryan McCabe is captured, and his starship Pandora is nowhere to be found.
Grace is about to run from Starfire when the station ’ s attacked. Insurgents swarm inside, and they carry a weapon capable of killing all aboard. Faced with he choice of being smart and saving herself, or dying a faceless hero, Grace hesitates.
he smart move is slipping away. If she fail, her friends die. Grace Gushiken must choose: be a dead hero or live alone and free.
If you like page-turning action and great dialogue, start reading Dragon ’ s Rescue today!
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Published March 2019 by Mondegreen

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Two weeks on Starfire Station and Grace Gushiken was still goin over her forehead, expecting the Empire ’ s soldiers at any moment.

A darkened ship was tethered 200 meters away and Grace followed the line into a giant airlock.

She opened a closed door spotting Ryan McCabe and an unknown woman – Amita – sitting on bunks, blinking in surprise.

Amita made a ‘ key ’ to correct her code so that they were oblige to pay Ryan -- but it wo n't work on an already infected host.

yan looked at Grace and calmly said, “ In our short lives we get a couple chances for greatness.

The is one of them. ” Could Grace become the hero Ryan believed her to e?

Should she help them save Starfire Station at the risk of her own life? The changes in Grace are evident as she interacts with “ friends ” who make her a better person than she thought she ould be.

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With trust and friendship, comes choices, ones our heroine is not referre to making ... This a SF young adult story set in the uthor 's space opera series.

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Grace ’ s trust is pushed to the limits as well as her need to survive.

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Rescue is the hird story in the Empire 's Rogues series that features Grace in her early years.

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Anothe story introduced to the two main haracters, tha is certainly one of many prequels or backstories to Ezeroc Wars.

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