For months the provinces of Deverry have been in turmoil, but this conflict escalates to new heights with the idnapping of Rhodry, heir to he hrone of Aberwyn. Intent on rescuing him, his beloved Jill and the elven wizard Salamander infiltrate the distant land of Bardek, where Rhodry is held captive. Tied to Deverry by bonds of obligation, the evi wizard Nevyn begins to see that all its problems originate from a single source- his ancient enemy, a master of dark magics, backed by a network of evil that stretches across the sea. With the realization, Nevyn understands that he oo is being ured to Bardek, and into a playfu and deadly trap .....
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The Dragon Revenant
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Published June 1st 2010 by Voyager (first published April 1st 1990

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rated it

Plot I wo n't mention at all, being the thir and last title in a series but let 's just say that things moved well and I truly wante that the write did n't try to drag things out.

It asically made the final show down a bit of an anti-climax as the ood guys had already won and though it was explained in the bestselling, it removed whatever tension was left in the tal.

rated it

Whilst I did njoy this one even les than he secon, I truly like thi series got a bit weaker as it move on.

rated it

Another plot is repetitious and meandering, the protagonists are ind of umb, the ad uys re a complete joke, and 300+ pages of tension and plotting lead up to a complete non-event of a final showdown.For others who have read he las three and want to writ th one just to see how it all pans out: ( view spoiler) [ Rhodry is un-exiled and appointed the heir, but has meantime gotten himself kidnapped and sold into slavery in Bardek.

( hide spoiler) ] There, now I 've save you the hours of your life you would 've wasted on this nove.

rated it

There are a lot of way to love: Jill and Salamander ’ s relationshi as the travel about Bardek searching for Rhodry, Rhodry enslaved in Bardek, suffering from insomni and trying to locat another ay to live out his life, Alaena finding Rhodry and losing him.

I think onl the way this ends is satisfying.

In the end Rhodry marries a timid mouse of a oman who woul eventually grow to hate him so that he can burn Slaith to the ground, the city where he has his life stolen from him, from which he is shipped of to Bardek to be advertise as a slave, a own of slavers trafficking Deverry citizens to the southern Archipelago.

rated it

( I admit to love the premise of exploring past life relationships for characters, and anothe is the story seed for my Those Who Return series.) Additionally, what struck me about Kerr ’ s Deverry Cycle is her envisioning of a magic system, which as far as fantasy magic systems go, is fairl well thought out, especially if the dualistic light vs.

Contemporary antasy has, to th hug degree, moved on from this kin of worldview, but in this egard I think it ’ s fine if you look at when the storie were first published.Dragonspell is a culmination of all the events of the preceding books, but without the flashbacks to past lives.

Rhodry is but a pawn in the longstanding struggle between the dweomers of light and ark, with Nevyn finally coming up against the rather sinister Old One. All he while, Jill is slowly realizin that she has a real knack for the dweomer herself, and by he time she eaches the end of her ourney, she has a terrible decision to make.

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