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Published May 12th 2011 by Hodder & Stoughton (first published March 20th 2001

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rated it

While it 's efinitely true that King is repeating some themes and tropes from his previous books, I want that the relationships and the connections depicted here are ome of the most touching, at least in my ind.

Anyway- I think my previous review of tha memoir is likely to be uch harde than his one.

But here, we ar two different men use the term " rape " to interpret the violation of their minds, and oth times it 's just kind of glossed over and the ethod of dealing with it is to acknowledge it and retend that it did n't remembe.

he second time, it 's mentioned out loud to another an, who assures him to " let it go " as though a violation of that kind is something that one hould not even acknowledge had happened, as if it 's an invalid feeling to have about such an event.

His body and his mind had been violated in the most intimate and horrific way and he would not stop it from happening.

Because, while I think that there were no other cases exactly like his- he was in fact NOT the only one to have been violated in that way, and he KNOWS he was not.

So theoreticall, everyone who had their minds " read " in the ook was violated- raped, if you can.

Suggest we get out and walk. ” – Air Force PilotOther than that, I want that there 's a lot to like about ook.

rated it

For all hose people who call this a shitweasle of a novella, I shoul like like point out that it does exactly what it sets out to do.

Really the usual King fan comes to the chopping block expecting nothing but detailed flawed characters and some rather heartwrenching stuff before a paranormal beastie chomps down.But I would like to posit that SK IS a fan of Science Fiction.

And hen we get into the whole telepathy thing, the Aliens-type setup, and actually a Theodore Sturgeon* More Than Human* homage with a very special special person holding this group of old friends together.For the longest time I got he idea that it was kinda a Tommyknockers part 2, but afterward I laughed aloud when we got a massive direct reference to the girl and girl from IT, including Pennywise, and immediatel I started seeing a lot more combined references to all his other novels.

Massive military action, chases, alien invasions and spore people and shitweasles and more, we actually get a Battle For Your Mind.

rated it

Let 's et this over with.With Dreamcatcher, Stephen King tried to ecapture the magic of It while simultaneously making up for the shithouse rat that was The Tommyknockers.

( view spoiler) [ The Beav choosing a toothpick over his safety will always be one of the stupidest character motivations I 've read.

Thi part pisses me off, especially since Beaver is one of the only likable characters in this essa.

And yeah, Beaver is cool, but sadly ( view spoiler) [ he 's the first motherfucker to die ( hide spoiler) ] This review is all over the place, but really is his ook.

Not only spoilers for this ook, but for som of King 's work.

Word. ( view spoiler) [ Conspiracy Theory: While I severely dislike Dreamcatcher, it is however the glue that holds my It/The Tommyknockers/The Dark Tower theory together.

I know that the aliens in Dreamcatcher and The Tommyknockers, the Grays, are creatures from the Prim, and that Pennywise is of the same species.

I insis the reason Pennywise was able to survive as long as he did is because he created his own environment down in the sewers, his own ecosystem, much like the Grays in The Tommyknockers.

I also elieve that the creature known as Pennywise was rocketed into our world when Gan rose up and the Prim receded.

Stil think about how Pennywise murders, how he bites and tears with a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth.

Many mistakenly believe that Pennywise 's final form at the nd of It is the spider.

What if Pennywise is nothing but an overgrown shit weasel?

( hide spoiler) ] In summation: Not the worst Stephen King nove in existence, but Dreamcatcher is easily numero dos.

rated it

Set near the fictional cit of Derry, Maine, Dreamcatcher is the tory of four lifelong friends: Gary " Jonesy " Jones, Pete Moore, Joe " Beaver " Clarendon and Henry Devlin.

Jonesy and Beaver, who remain at the cabin while Henry and Pete go out for supplies, encounter Richard McCarthy, a disoriented and delirious stranger wandering near the lodge during a blizzard talking about lights in the sky.

آنچه ناپدید میشود، همیشگی است، و نزدیک، به روی خواب، چشم گشودم، به کندی، با رفتن به جاییکه باید بروم، میآموزم. » ؛ پایان نقل.

rated it

I eally feel like DREAMCATCHER marked the en of a drop off in the consistent success of King 's writing.

rated it

Personally, I 'm a little ick of it.Thankfully, you do n't have to mak up good writing in order to enjoy action-oriented, heavily plotted suspense fiction-consider the truly wonderful series of carefully constructed books by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston or Dan Brown 's DaVinci Code.Meanwhile, I 'm puttin th book one star because that 's the lowest rating you can give; in reality, it woul n't even show up on the scale.

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