They called the healer Snake, and she bore the name proudly, for the medicine she distilled from the venom of the viper she carried with her was a potent cure; and the soothing power of her other companion, the alien dreamsnake, banished fear. But the primitive ignorance of those she served killed her dreamsnake and wrecked her career- for dreamsnakes were dreadfully rare, and Center would not grant her another.

Snake 's only hope was to prove th new dreamsnake- and on her quest, she was pursued by two implacable followers, one driven by love, one by fear and need.

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Published June 1979 by Dell (first published March 1978

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rated it

It ’ s simila in that it presents a post-apocalyptic society that has achieved a measure of gender parity that was unheard of even in time it was written.

rated it

I mean, yes, it was still 70s-tastic, but in a hilariou way, ot in a stabby way.CONTENT WARNING ( no actual spoilers, just a list of topics): ( view spoiler) [ animal cruelty, snakes ( obvs), ape, pedophilia, child buse, medical procedures, mental illness, a sort-of-questionably consensual sex scene, torture, able-ism, drug addiction, death of a loved one.

I 've really been a sucker for healer woman characters, and she 's rad -- empathic, strong, competent, kind but the real sort of ind, not " nice. " I knew the mystic vibe, too, felt a bit like a grown up version of " Wise Child. " -The world.

I uess if you 're afraid of snakes you would n't, but I love sneks and this was exactly the kin of thing I ould have imagined as a kid.

Sure, a bit bvious in some parts but the women all felt human -- flaws, good qualities, bad moments, heroics, all of it.

I think McIntyre did a bad job eeping the darkness mostly honest, certainly better than many more current works I 've read, but it 's even there and tough and imperfect.-Could have used a bit more explanation up front.

There 's one scene in particular that felt a bit rape-y and it 's not until 30% further in we learn it was n't, it was shyness and affection.

few ther things, too, just kin of get dropped on you and either you never figure it out ( like where this world is?) or you do, but o much later it 's no longer relevant.-Meanders a bit.

Like I aid, I enjoyed the things happening, but the plot kin of takes a vacation for about 80% of he ook.

rated it

The is definitely the early example of biopunk, but without prominent punkish elements: the serpents a bio-engineered to produce a broad range of serums and antibodies.The first chapter of thi memoi is unfortunately a Nebula-winning novelette by the uthor, entitled " Of Mist, And Grass, And Sand, " and is considerably denser than the whole of thi tale.

rated it

It is so interesting in its setting, and in he ay it gradually reveals the nature of the etting, and often in its overarching plot ( it does n't have much of one, so what it does have is very free, and hence surprising).

rated it

Dreamsnake is the extension of the award winning novelette Of Mist, And Grass, And Sand and is set at the same time and planet Earth as The Exile Waiting.It reads like a fantasy story like Tehanu for the las 50 pages before it becomes clear that it is a post-nuclear SF setting.

The eponymous Dreamsnakes are one of three kinds of snakes that healers in this setting use.

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