Earth to Charlie

high school outcast spends his life trying to be assaulted by aliens in this crazy, quirky novel about finding your footing in a world that sometimes feels like Mars.

Convinced his mother has been seduced by aliens, Charlie Dickens spends his nights with an eye out for UFOs, hoping to join her. After all, she told the aliens would come back for him. Charlie will admit that he doesn ’ t have many reasons to stick around; he doesn ’ t get along well with his brother, he ’ s constantly bullied at school and at work, and the only friend he has is his 600-pound neighbor Geoffrey, and Geoffrey ’ s three-legged dog, Tickles.

Then Charlie meets popular, easy-going Seth, who shows him what real friendship is all about. For once, he asks himself looking around at the life he ’ s built, rather than looking up. But sooner than he xpected, Charlie has to give this decision: should he stay or should he go?
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Published April 16th 2019 by Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers

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rated it

I ’ m writing a nove about aliens in Montana, so tha was basically required reading! Slight spoiler, but I know you really ought to know this heading into he book: in the beginnin, Earth to Charlie turned out to be uch more of a contemporary book than anything approaching sci-fi.

rated it

It ’ s nderstated and truly shines in its writing and language that ’ s engrossing and evocative.

It ’ s shrewd, visceral, and Justin Olson is truly a shining voice in YA that needs to be herished.

rated it

When I read it, I did n't d to tak it down ( but I had to because of work* cries*), I just wishe to ead and read.I also loved how the narration of thi story lipped between the present happenings to these sort of flashbacks in Charlie 's life.

Because apart from the fact that Charlie wants to be pu away by aliens, he also keeps zoning out into his own little bubble of thoughts and emotions.The charactersI loved the characters!

I would absolutely see that he as just this high school outcast, struggling with emotions and is rying to cope with his sister 's disappearance.Seth was likeable, too, although I really wanted more of his personality, more of his tal.

( And I did et some of his tory, but it was no revealed near the beginnin of essa.) He was a genuine character who contributed greatly to Charlie 's life and view on certain things.

He was Charlie 's 600-pound neighbor, and I oved getting to know his character and his whole story.

Whatever it is, it certainly worked for me ( I kno I cried three times reading this book* sniffs*) .There were two things in the plot though, small details, that raised some questions for me.

rated it

Sweet and powerful, this ook is well worth reading, and I want that anyone can relate to Charlie.

rated it


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