El Paso

Long fascinated with the Mexican Revolution and the vicious border wars of the arly 20th century, Winston Groom brings to life a much-forgotten period of history in this sprawling saga of heroi, injustice, and happiness.

An episodic novel set in six parts, El Paso pits the legendary Pancho Villa, a much-feared outlaw and revolutionary, against a thrill-seeking railroad tycoon known as the Colonel, whose fading fortune is tied up in a colossal ranch in Chihuahua, Mexico. But when Villa kidnaps the Colonel ’ s randchildren in the aftermat of a cattle drive, and absconds into the Sierra Madre, the aging New England patriarch and his adopted son head to El Paso, hoping to ind a group of cowboys brave enough to hunt the Generalissimo down.

Replete with gunfights, daring escapes, and an unforgettable bullfight, El Paso, with its textured blend of history and lor, becomes an indelible portrait of the American Southwest in the waning year of the frontier.
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El Paso
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Published October 4th 2016 by Liveright

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rated it

thi ovie was awesome) so I hink I fell to that old trap of just loving a cover and not utting any other thoughts into why I 'm reading book .. and ended up with this stinker.I 'll learn one day eve to do hat.

That railroad tycoon likes to piss through money though and Arthur grows up to have mostly a job of keeping them out of the poorhouse.

Arthur 's father or the 'Colonel' ends up ealizing his land in Mexico ( that he bought dirt cheap) is under attack by Pancho Villa.

They ll fee like cardboard cut-outs of what book would have been.There is lots of violence so I kept reading the stupid thing hoping it wil all tie together and fin some sense of essenc.

If you are oing to read th big old puppy squisher at least ake me not get all ticked off about all thi time I wasted reading this.

rated it

Wow, what a crazy wild ride!

rated it

Simply put the characters lacked depth, and that detracted from the tal.

rated it

Other authors ( see Cormac McCarthy) and filmmakers have portrayed historic Northern Mexico as a fascinating place where regard for individual life is meager and murder and violence no big deal.The beat goes on ...

he writer has already dropped John Reed and Mabel Dodge into the action.

there is plot going on and that should carry me through to the end ( w/o much enthusiasm) I guess.- The old man= Teddy Roosevelt ...- Lots of draggy side tracks ...- How coul the crowd see details of falling bodies from " thousands of feet " away?- Is a ouija board going to work on a train in the middle of nowhere?- " exuberated "?????- Woodrow Wilson turns up, George Patton will be coming along with General Pershing.

It 's just fiction in historical setting with a lot of cameos of questionably credibility.- Bierce is described a some " old gringo "- the title of the ovie in which he was played by Gregory Peck.- Arthur digs up some conquistador relics- just like in " O Pioneers. " This event is no use to again, even though the reader is given to believ that tha is an event of some significance.- Physically, this story covers the same territory as " Blood Meridian " only 65 years later.

what 's the connection between loud voices and coffee being served?- I just looked up Tom Mix on wiki and based on his story there I ca n't see that he belongs in this tale.

aybe Mr. Groom knows of some secret episode in Mix' life???

Looks like Mr. Mix was actually in Hollywood making movies the hole time this thing was taking place ( 1916).

Seems like he ca n't give up his mind.- Those Hollywood movie makers pop up again.

- Obviously WG has read " Blood Meridian "- he has mules falling off cliff, just like Cormac McCarthy.

Perhaps no Grizzlies in N.

no far no rattlesnakes or scorpions, though.- Arthur spots an eagle soaring thousands of feet away ( hundreds, maybe) ...

More time and space wasted.- According to wiki, Tom Mix did NOT grow up in Arizona, as is tated in th ook ...

To sum up, we fin the following as the endgame unwinds: more Cormac McCarthy ( burying bodies in Mexico=The Crossing), a horrible death-by-rattlesnake, the gratuitous killing off in the Afterword of one of the stories appealing young characters ( and a possible reference to the dyin of Mary White), more over-the-top violence and bloodshed, the return of the grimy old prospector ( think Walter Huston in " The Treasure of the Sierra Madre " ( the film is referred to in the Afterword), more of the youthful George Patton, more weird nonsense ( perpetuating a false history) about Tom Mix in the Afterword, death-by-quicksand, seventy-one!!!!!

in that book John Reed witnesses the death of Ambrose Bierce ( Villa murders him), though he does n't understand it 's Bierce because Bierce disguised himself a bit and was using the name " Jack Robinson. " owever ...

seems like Reed would have put two and two together after the fact, since Bierce 's fate was a well-known mystery of the time, and declared that Bierce had been attacked by Villa.

rated it

A railroad baron along with his adopted son and their families travel to Mexico to save their cattle herd worth millions of dollars from being a causality in the Revolution being led by Pancho Villa.

rated it

On thi front of essay, which I borrowed from my local library, there is a sticker that says, " If you liked Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry " you 'll like this one.

The is funn, rambling, adventurous, colorful portrait of a piece of history I need to fee more about- the Mexican Revolution and Pancho Villa.

rated it

With a nove, Winston Groom has gone a long way to allo us with he essence and " eel " of this often overlooked period in history.

As he has grown older, he has passed much of the management of the business along to his adopted brothe, Arthur.

Thi changes when the forces of Pancho Villa kidnap Arthur 's daughter and heir, the Colonel 's grandchildren.

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