Ember and Ash (Castings, #4)

old ones will have their revenge.

Two peoples have been fighting over the same land for a thousand years. Invaders crushed the original inhabitants, and ancient powers have reluctantly given way to newer magics. But Ember was to change all this with a wedding to bind these warring people together- until her future goes up in flames.

Ember 's husband-to-be is murdered by a vengeful elemental god, who want peace as a violatio of faith. Set on retribution, she confronts the elp of Ash, son of a seer. Together they will pit themselves against elementals of fire and ice in a last effor to end the conflicts that have scarred their past. They must look to the present, as old furies are waking to violence and are willin to eclaim their people.
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Published May 1st 2011 by Orbit (first published January 1st 2011

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Originally posted here: http: //tsanasreads.tumblr.com/post/20 ... Ember and Ash by Pamela Freeman is a set twenty years after the events at the beginnin of the Castings Trilogy ( Blood Ties, Deep Water and Full Circle).

I want the main thing one would miss from not reading Castings, is a dee exploration of the past colonial racism and violence.

Oh, and there are some spoilers for who survives the world almost ending in Castings, although not all the prominent Castings characters rate a mention.A few words on comparisons with the Castings Trilogy first.

It was fairly well done and an interesting transition to watch.I enjoyed Ember and Ash, but I feel I liked Castings more.

In the beginnin, despite similar style, they are structured very differently with different theme of world-building as story foci.

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" Ember and Ash " takes place man ears after the Castings Trilogy, but is set in he same world and ome of the characters from the trilogy make an appearance in his memoi.

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But each Domain is under the influence of the Powers -- main elements of nature -- even when the people don ’ t recognize this.The story develops when the Power, Fire suddenly denies fire to several Domains, beginning with the Last Dominion, where Ember and her family reside.

This emotional interactions between the two, and the events that triggere them, are ome of the most powerful in the book.Many of the early chapters that detail the travels of Ember ’ s group are also sed to elucidate the beliefs and magic associated with the various area of th World: The Great Forest, Starkling, and Ice King ’ s Country are all vividly presented.

But overall, Ember and Ash is a tory of quest and transformation with lyrical writing and strong characters.

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A fantasy setting revolves around he Great Powers: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Forest and Ice. The nove starts off with a disastrous wedding followed by an emotional argument between the rotagonist and one of the Great powers, whose consequence is that fires all over the domain are smothered and can only be re-lit.

A entir book sets the heart rate at a little-faster-than-normal pace, the breaths shallow and fast, waiting, waiting, to understand what happens at the beginnin.

I shoul recommende the memoi to all fantasy readers out there, with the encouragemen to be patient with the story-line initially.

rated it

Ms. Freeman takes us on a new journey through the Domains and introduces us to the old gods -- up-close and personal.

At the conclusion of the Casting Trilogy, the resident of the old blood ( dark hair and red heads) and Acton 's people ( Blondes) a thousand years earlier found their way to a bloody truce.

I left the Casting Trilogy satisfied with he conclusion but mourning so much loss.I was prepared for the sacrifices Ms. Freeman is willing to ake to illustrate tragedies that come with desperation and bad karma.

( view spoiler) [ he story egins when one of thi old gods, an elemental, Fire, shows up at Ember 's wedding requesting she come to honor him at his mountain.

Ember is the grandmother of warlord and is half old blood.

I njoyed the journey through the Domains, the elemental gods, the life and death struggles, and the unexpected twist at the beginnin -- bittersweet but satisfying.

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