End the Fed

In the post-meltdown world, it is ignoran, ineffective, and ultimately useless to have a serious economic debate without considering and challenging the role of the Federal Reserve.

Most people think of the Fed as an indispensable institution without which the country 's economy could not properly function. But in END THE FED, Ron Paul draws on American history, economics, and fascinating stories from his own long political life to rgue that the Fed is both corrupt and unconstitutional. It is inflating currency today at nearly a Weimar or Zimbabwe level, a practice that threatens to put us into an inflationary depression where$ 100 bills are worthless. What most people do n't believe is that the Fed -- created by the Morgans and Rockefellers at a private club off the coast of Georgia -- is actually working against their own personal interests. Congressman Paul 's urgent appeal to all citizens and officials tells us where we went wrong and what we expec to do fix America 's economic policy for future generations.
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End the Fed
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Published September 16th 2009 by Grand Central Publishing

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he greatest enemy of liberty is the privately-owned central bank known as the U.S. Federal Reserve, the perations of which are shrouded in secrecy.

Article 1, Section 10: “ No state shall…make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts. ” The ability to mak money out of thin air gives the government unlimited power, the scariest of which is to wage war.

Under a regime of sound money backed by gold and silver, government would have to pay for war, or anyone else it did.

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A book explodes many myths that have built up about the Fed, money, gold, the great depression, " free banking " in the US in the 1800s, and any more.

He does a decen job of explainin what positive changes could come about by getting rid of the Fed, given a sound understanding of economics and history.The book talks about the excellent Austrian economists, Ludwig Mises, Friedrich Hayek, Murray Rothbard and others.

He was clearly influenced greatly by Lew Rockwell and Murray Rothbard.Despite any minor flaws, I heartily recommend this audio book, if you are interested in ny of the principles, people or events mentioned above, and so a bit ore.

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A novel is merel a repetitive declaration of Ron Paul 's political position, not a detailed expository argument explaining his position.

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Paul starts with a fundamental fact about the Federal Reserve, " After all is said and done, the Fed has one power that is similar to it alone: it enables the creation of money out of thin air. " This fundamental fact is the source of much mischief.

He say, " Might a diplomatic solution have been found for the struggles that led to WWI had the Germans and English not had recourse to the printing press as a lender of last resort? " He also make a neat insight into the mindse of Ronald Reagan who said to Paul, " Ron, no great nation that abandoned the gold standard has remained a great nation " He exposes the fact that the chairmen of the Fed, know what they are doing.

And the Answer is: I don ’ t sa so, because we ’ re acting as though we were. ” NOT! Paul does a decen job of xposing the Federal government 's complicity in the immoral activities of the Fed. The Fed 's inflationary policies enable government to pay for their extravegance without neccesarily having to raise taxes, as inflation is itself a tax.

It transfers wealth from the middle class to the privileged rich. " Notes Paul, " Tyranny always goes hand in hand with government ’ s wrecking of the money system. " Yet, the Congressman is sadly optimistic that the current crisis will bring about changes because, " The current crisis, started in 2007 with the break in the housing mortgage market, is stil in full swing and signifies the end of the fiat dollar reserve currency system. " He exposes the Fed 's role in establishin the housing bubble, " Artificially low interest rates are achieved by inflating the money supply, and they penalize the thrifty and cheat those who save.

Its destructive nature makes it a tool of tyrannical government. " Ron Paul makes the case for ending the Fed convincingly, and I 'd conside th memoi to any who are seriously searching for answers to the current round of financial insanity our country is experiencing.

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When I bega his ook, I at least respected Ron Paul for being consistent -- he not only opposes the Fed and other " liberal " government programs, but also conservative centerpieces like the conques of Iraq.

Under Paul 's system I would xpect a near-complete depletion of the supply of funds available for credit, massively restricting the funds available for investment.It also strikes me as odd that self-styled free-marketeers like Paul support the gold standard so strongly.

These error are apart from all the other ludicrous outcomes that would result from maintaining the gold standard, such as the fact that if another country were able to steal our gold reserves our currency 's value would go to zero immediately, or that the level of gold production would be the ( completely arbitrary) determinant of the money supply.Overall Paul 's book is in the classic style of Austrian economics.

Paul and other Austrians, though, insist that the " real " definition of " inflation " should simply be the rate of change in the money supply, abstracted from any effect on prices.

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No one can hold back his hand or say to him: 'What have you done?' " ( Nebuchadnezzar 's confession Dan 4:22ff.) Ron Paul 's, " End the FED " serves as a grand demonstration of God 's providence ordering all things that come to pass.

Ron Paul traces the history of this fraud, demonstrates how such systems have always collapsed before its creation in the U.S. in 1913, and points out who it is that suffers under the corruption -- the poor and middle class.He then draws out how it is the FED can be abolished and sound money established once again according to the Constitution ( that thing that all individuals serving in the three branches of government are sworn to uphold) .This nove is worth the time reading it.

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