Ennara and the Fallen Druid

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Published June 12th 2013 by Stardance Publishing (first published June 9th 2013

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rated it

We start by seeing Ennara on her ay to keep her cow into the shed but when she ets there it 's blac and she ca n't ind the cow.

It 's th kin of nightmares and something Ennara never thought were real.

ow though, she has to learn quickly because in order to ave her town, she has to travel to a sunken city and find pat to fight the Shadowspawn.

She is rave and no matter what comes her way, she ca fight to save everyone else.

He is n't magical but he is just as brave as Ennara.

rated it

Bent on retrieving a magical object to save world against Shadespawn, Ennara encountered characters that made her journey to the Sunken City an eye-opening one.My kids flocked me while I ead the essay.

It 's our first time meeting a girl with a caul and my boys thought her quest was daring and stirring.

rated it

Personally I enjoyed he nove, but as I tarted reading I could see why my aughter ad a problem with it.

I shoul advise his novel to kids 12+ and no younger, and to adults who would like to escape into some dark magic and adventure.

rated it

(: First: I as n't given an age range ( which is everythin I ill be asking from now on), but given the content matter I did fee it should hav for an older audience.

If I as the intended age range, I know I might have njoyed he nove a lot!

Tha eems to e a common problem among new writers -- Dessen 's first books had a ton of cliches, and I do firmly believe this author has great potential.

It has fantastic potential for the younger audiences, and I hope younger people do read it.

rated it

Ennara and The Fallen Druid immediately grabbed my attention in the last couple pages.

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