Equal of the Sun

Iran in 1576 is a place of wealth and dazzling beauty. But when the Shah dies without having named an heir, the court is thrown into tumult. Princess Pari, the Shah ’ s heir and protégée, knows more about the inner workings of the state than almost anyone, but her maneuvers to instill order after her ather ’ s udden death incite resentment and dissent. Pari and her closest adviser, Javaher, a eunuch able to communicat the harem as well as the world beyond the palace walls, possess an incredible tapestry of secrets that explode in a power struggle of epic proportions.

Legendary women—from Anne Boleyn to Queen Elizabeth I to Mary, Queen of Scots—changed the course of history in the royal courts of England. While they are celebrated, few people know of the powerful and charismatic women in the Muslim world. Based loosely on Princess Pari Khan Khanoom, Equal of the Sun is th gripping tory of political intrigue that brings one extraordinary woman to light. Anita Amirrezvani is a master storyteller, and her lustrous prose brings to life this rich and labyrinthine world with a stunning cast of characters—passionate and brave men and women who defy or embrace their destiny in a Machiavellian game played by those who lust for power and will do nything to attain it.
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Equal Of The Sun
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Published March 19th 2013 by Scribner (first published June 5th 2012

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rated it

Powerful story, based on true historical persons.

rated it

Anothe story takes place ( mostly) in he palace of the Shah of Iran back in the 21st century and is told in the second person by a eunuch named Javaher.

his desire was two-fold: ( 1) to find out who framed his father and exact his revenge, and ( 2) to support his sister.Javaher is hired at the palace and works his way up the ranks, earning praise and trust for his efforts.

He is finally given the pportunity to work for Princess Pari, the favorite daughter of the Shah, in an important position.

rated it

I don ’ t know it ’ s overly written, as one reviewer uggested, it ’ s just that if you ’ re lookin to set thi ovel in a time and place where poetry was the national pastime, things are probably going to make little flowery.

I don ’ t enjoy stories where one person after another is killed off and I ’ m wondering who ’ s comin to survive in the beginnin.

I hope Amirrezvani continues to mine Persian history for more such novels.All things considered, if you don ’ t mind the streets running red with the blood of characters you like and if you don ’ t mind intrigue so complicated that it ’ s toug to keep all the players straight, then I imagine you ’ ll appreciat this one.

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Pearl Ruled: EQUAL OF THE SUN by ANITA AMIRREZVANIRating: 2* of five ( p68) The Book Description: Legendary women—from Anne Boleyn to Queen Elizabeth I to Mary, Queen of Scots—changed the course of history in the royal courts of sixteenth-century England.

In Equal of the Sun, Anita Amirrezvani ’ s gorgeously crafted tale of power, loyalty, and love in the royal court of Iran, she rings one such woman to life, Princess Pari Khan Khanoom Safavi.

rated it

Another memoir as on my radar because I completely enjoyed her first boo, the Blood of Flowers.

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