Escape from Wonderland

he end of the nd is here. The final piece to the Wonderland trilogy brings the powerful tal of Calie Liddle full circle. Her infant daughter was taken from her arms and brought into the ealm of madness. Now Calie must re-enter the one place she has refuse for so long to escape. The moment of truth has arrived as the bo who became a woman now sets out to become th hero. The one person who can prevent pure insanity from escaping into th world must now mak a ay to defeat madness itself. The final chapter of the most intense, riveting and addictive comic book series you have read in years has arrived and this time around there may be no escaping Wonderland.
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Published September 15th 2010 by Zenescope

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rated it

Notabl, finally finished this trilogy of books and I ’ m lad it ’ s over.

rated it

final instalmen in thi trilogy provides a fitting end ( although a bit confusing in the closin pages of the firs issue) to a series that I did n't personally enjoy very much.

If you 're a fan of twisted fairy tales, you will probably live without this version ( preview an issue or two before buying the whole series).

rated it

Although the alternate endings got a little old and annoying -- it was unclear to me at first what was going on and then when I figured it out, I just wished to ind out what ad reall happened -- I really enjoyed his final part.

rated it

This thing I kne was the stunning artwork, for a gritty and gore-y Wonderland, every page was filled with vibrant colors and exquisite details.

They were hilarious for the few pages they appeared, I highly recommend taking the extra minute to read each sign, it 's certainly worth it.

rated it

That is the conclusion to the Return to Wonderland series of anthologie.

rated it

I was lad to find out that the trilogy did well, so there were other books that take place in Wonderland.

Since it tells us what happened to Alice when she returne to Wonderland.

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