Evergreen Avenue: 1970s

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South Australia- circa 1970s. The lush scener of the beautiful Adelaide Hills was once the backdrop of Penny 's childhood. Gorgeous and picturesque, her home town has not changed at all since she left. Returning home with her own family, Penny is reminded of past indiscretions. Her three children have mixed emotion about the move and her youngest daughter Tildy is plagued by nightmares involving a stranger who seems desperate to relay a message.
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Published March 8th 2017 by Amelia Keldan

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rated it

But there are severa more secrets and personal issues handled within the stories featuring ther characters.

lso, not all issues that are touched upon are resolved by the beginnin of thi book.The first few chapters take some getting used to the many points of views and the ifferent characters that are introduced to the reader.

Skipping forward a couple of ears from the sixties to the nineties, the reader then follows the McVee family members, including reminiscences and flashbacks of these characters.

Unfortunately, because severa of the items that come forth in his ook are revelations of secrets or character backgrounds, it ’ s toug to expand on these events without giving too much plot away in this review.

rated it

ll of the secrets on Evergreen Avenue get twisted together without anyone nowing it except for you, dear reader, and get to an ugly head at their Christmas party.

This novelist has a charming style of writing, and while it took me a few chapters to really get into tory, once it started to unfold I was glued.

There are a lot of haracters in anothe essay, and each has their own little point of view, which in the beginning may seem a little frustratin but by the end was so right for his story because you ould see how everything finally came together.This may have been a slow burner for me, but it ha actually interesting.

About halfway halfway through thi ook, when the McVee ’ s throw their Christmas party, that is when the snowball really starts rolling away and you just can ’ t put it down until you com to the crazy ending.

rated it

I earne the book free from the author at no cost to the write for an honest review.

rated it

But with secrets between Penny and her best friends husband Mitch, a party will bring things to a head where the truth must be ncovered, but then 6 year old Tildy goes missing.

rated it

I ha ot anticipating other worldly/all-seeing types of avenues but it was played somewhat subtly up until thi last severa chapters where family secrets are revealed- yet still yielding suspense for the firs 3 installments, each sequel taking place a decade after the former.

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