Every Living Thing

From the write of All Creatures Great and Small -- an enchanting volume of memoirs. You 'll meet his associate, John Crooks; his partner, Siegfried; more of the farmers and village-dwellers who form his diverse ( and sometimes rather eccentric) clientele; and more of his patients -- the farm and domestic animals on which Dr. Herriot lavishes his affection, care and love.
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Every Living Thing
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Published August 15th 1992 by Macmillan Audio

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rated it

I rote to James Herriot to tell him how much I enjoy his books.

rated it

What a joy to discover I had one more unread book to read by legendary vet and author James Herriot!

Few of the novels are familiar, but I notice that 's robably because they were used in the v series, all the episodes of which I 've seen a couple times over.Every Living Thing has all the wonderful goodness of the las four books in series.

After all, this is indeed the last Herriot book I 'd ever read.

rated it

his is one of he very best of the publications, and I highly recommend it. ( I apologize for the revity of this eview.

rated it

final book written by James Herriot, Every Living Thing reads like his very first book All Creatures Great And Small.

he writing lived and breathed again: Every Living Thing truly felt alive in way that the ast couple of books did not.I had the same reaction to the nove that I have every time I read ACGAS.

rated it

I 'm dam sure that when I 'm old and grey and full of sleep, I 'll be reading these books and chuckling about the time Tristan created a kitchen explosion while trying to light he fire, and crying for each of the old dogs that never got better and had to be brought to sleep.

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