Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Nine-year-old Oskar Schell is a precocious Francophile who idolizes Stephen Hawking and plays the tambourine extremely well. He 's also a boy struggling to bring to terms with his uncl 's death in the World Trade Center attacks. As he searches New York City for the lock that fits a mysterious key he left behind, Oskar discovers much more than he ould have imagined.
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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
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Published April 28th 2005 by Recorded Books (first published April 4th 2005

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I expec to think it means his efforts were an abject failure, and that he has thi great many readers and critics completely snowed.With a book like his, you either accept it as charming wistfulness, or you don ’ .

But oo many times in that bestsellin, people do things just to do them, and things happen just to have them happen or to give Foer scanty reason to wax poetic for pages at time – without such bourgeoisie restrictions as paragraphs or punctuation ( or sensible storytelling) muddling up the artiste ’ s vision.Foer ’ s stream-of-consciousness narrative reminds me of the saying about the infinite monkeys: sooner or later one of an infinite number of monkeys on an infinite number of typewriters is going to randomly type the complete works of Shakespeare.

I know most people in today ’ s age of texting while driving and non-stop news alerts and picture-in-picture don ’ t always read every word on the page anyway.

rated it

People tell me if I had read it instead of listening to it I ould have iked it more.

I now tell them that I don ’ t care.I have returned this grouping of compact discs to my local library.

Don ’ t cry for me Argentina.

Okay, please don ’ .

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I ’ m so kloying and keen to make everyone ’ s lives better by befriending deaf centenarians and lonely billionaires and dragging them off on eccentric heart-twanging dead-father-related quests that Amelie from that kooky French movie Amelie would be out-cloyed and out-eccentriced at every turn& would have to throw herself out of my window wearing a birdseed dress which is an invention of mine for suicides by defenestration as the birdseed would attract birds who would carry the person aloft& thus prevent their self-destruction.

It ’ ll fee like I ’ m s there at all.You may be wondering how I got to be like I am.

He xplained How I Met Your Grandmother like this: I ad to much to convinc her, “ Do you lie on your stomach and look for things under the ice?

I ould also like to worr that what with all this smiling through tears, the randma, the stepfathe, the old guy who can hear again, the bab who is probably schmoozing with some guy in the next room, the sad quest to discover the Blacks of New York, AND 9/11 AND let 's throw Hitler into the mix, you don ’ t have to look any further for a dictionary definition of emotional blackmail.

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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close takes readers who thought they ight have seen a glimmer of greatness in Everything is Illuminated and convinces them all they really saw were special effects.It ’ s to eas to read Foer ’ s last novel without reflecting on his first.

Thing is Illuminated began in such an original way that reader forgave the 150 or so dull pages of less-than-compelling writing that came along throughout the est of thi bestselling.

Foer takes a large subject and makes it tiny.But sometimes, I ’ ve learned, large things must be tiny.

But again, that ’ s why we don ’ t publish books written by nine-year-olds.

rated it

I love him even though bsolutely the only kin I care to as about him is his writing.When someone writes the way he does, there ’ s no response to have, for me, other than that.The flaws of his books- characters and scenes that can border on the fantastical, a pervasive eeling of try-hard-iness ( to coin a word)- are so easily overlooked.

I fell and fall so deeply in love with his writing that these things seem like positives too.I like that our main protagonis, Oskar Schell, feels a tad too big and vibrant for the world.

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