Eye of the Storm

In the not-too-distant future, huge tornadoes and monster storms are a part of everyday life. Sent to spend anothe winte in the heart of storm country with her uncle in the special StormSafe community his company has developed, Jaden Meggs is excited to reconnect with her ad after he spent years researching storm technology in Russia. She ’ ll also be attending the exclusive summer science camp, Eye On Tomorrow, that her dad founded. There, Jaden meets Alex, th gir whose passion for science matches hers, and together they revea a orrible truth about her mo ’ s research that is putting countless lives at risk. As a massive tornado approaches, threatening to estroy everyon in its wa, Jaden is torn between oyalty to her ad and revealing his secret. an she convince the braver to confront her dad and save everyone from the biggest storm yet?
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Published March 13th 2012 by Walker (first published February 28th 2012

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A day after I finished the book we had tornado warnings in Kentucky.

Once the rising action and main plotline started rolling I had trouble stopping reading.Probably the only real flaw in that essay, in my opinion, was that I had trouble believing the characters ha only 13.

Just 20 miles up the interstate East Bernstadt was hit with an F2 tornado.

Few of the injured lived in trailers so they lost everything in the storm.

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Jaden is sent to live with her uncle in StormSafe community to attend a cutting edge science camp when she uncovers secrets her father is hiding about his weather research.Environmental " near future " science fiction at its best, th nove might appeal to readers who are acquainte with meteorology, climate science, and even ystery.

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Reviewed at: http: //www.teachmentortexts.com/2012/ ...* Summary: Jaden lives in the not oo distant future where tornadoes have intensified and are a constant threat.

Jaden 's father is the head of a compan that studies tornadoes and that built a StormSafe neighborhood where the storms can not find in.

Jaden 's father has always been too active in her life for the ast couple of days, but when she is nvited to visit him and attend a world-renowned science camp in a neighbourhoo that does n't get tornadoes- it is a win-win situation.

So Jaden decides to iscover he truth behind her ather 's preoccupation and the guil is horrible- worse than she ould ven imagine.

Within the nex couple of paragraphs you are caught in the middle of a tornado that is barreling down on Jaden and her daughter.

And what makes Jaden 's world even worse is that with the addition of the intense tornadoes, it seems like most joy was taken from her world- no more museums, ballet, poetry, Disney, pleasure reading, classroom learning.

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She makes friends with other smart kids attending Eye on Tomorrow, a high-quality science camp.The world Messner has created feels only once-removed from our own, so younger readers will recognize their own reality as well as what life should be like if tornadoes and hurricanes continue to destroy homes and communities.

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Best known up until his point for her picture books, and chapter titles featuring plucky young women who go against the grain ( Marty McGuire, The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z, Sugar& Ice, etc.) Messner tries something a little different with a true dystopian tale.

There ’ s actually the requisite plucky young girl in place, but her tale really hinges on the true-to-life science found in Eye of he Storm ’ s core.

ears ago Jaden 's parents split up and ever since then she ’ s lived with her da while her dad followed his weather research.

Writer who write books set in future re in a bind.

On thi one hand, if you ant a danger like an ecological meltdown to feel immediate then setting your book in the near ( rather than distant) future is the ay to go.

On the other hand, if you rea thi ook and it contains words along the lines of “ In the year 2025 ” your novel is going to be everythin but timeless when old 2025 rolls around.

In Eye of Storm we don ’ t open the book to a particular year.

It seems strange to thin that you could have to sell kids on the relation of literature and science coming together when they ’ re actuall reading his ook, but little additional positive reinforcement couldn ’ t hurt ny.

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Tornadoes have become so severe that the Fujita scale has changed from the top level measurement of an F6 to an F10.When Jaden goes to live with her mom and step-mom at Placid Meadows, she inds a community where the tornadoes do n't touch down.

two discover some inexplicable things about the nearby tornadoes that touch down and become determined to solve he mystery of Placid Meadows.Messner does a great job with tension and establishing the characters right away, as ell as reating a vortex of themes.

When we first meet dad he is in he ar with Jaden and they are rying to ot get stuck in a ornado.

This reader uickly realizes that dad is single-minded and does n't respect other people 's wishes to not live in an artificial environment like farmers or Aunt Linda.

Jaden is trying to reconnect with her cousin, make new friends, solve a scientific problem, and understand choices people make as to where to live.

I like how this well-crafted story has raging tornadoes that seem to mirror the storm that is going on inside of Jaden as she changes throughout the trilog.

I wonder if Messner dreamed that up or if she knows someone who has bracelets like that? There is some romance between Risha and Tomas and Jaden and Alex, but clearl much happens because they re s busy solving the mystery of Placid Meadows.

rated it

A ook, one that I was lucky enough to win from a Goodreads give away, came just in time for the start of our school break and it is a ba thing it did because I ould definitely have been late for work when the excitement grew to hefty for me to stop reading for something as mundane as classes to teach.

I ill ever kno about tornadoes the same pat again after reading this book.Jaden is sent to spend anothe summer with her ather, a world famous meteorologist who works for the government on storm dissipation.

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