Fabulous Witch

Harlow Torrent, part-time journalist and full-time Slip Witch has a new job working on et of Bella Bing ’ s latest movie, filming in Harlot Bay.
It ’ s meant to hav a change of pace but when the lead ctor, Mattias Matterhorn, dies on his las day on set, Harlow is pulled into th angerous plot.
Th saboteur is on set and they ’ ll do everythin to shut the film down ... including murder.
With he ghost of Mattias demanding she find his murderer, her witchy cousins Molly and Luce tracking down a thief and her Aunt Cass getting into hot and spicy trouble, Harlow has her plate full. It doesn ’ t help one bit when she Slips and starts a magical storm ...
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Published August 14th 2016 by Tess Lake

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rated it

Tha essa as ok, but I wo n't come out of my ay to read more, But if I ge thi book by he author for under a dollar I 'd pick it up.4 stars ...

I absolutely enjoyed th memoi and ill always be on the look out to pick up more from the series/author.5 stars ...

rated it

In Nutshell: main story is about Harlow the slip-witch solving the death of a ilm star Mattias Matterhorn and a saboteur on the settin.

Little touches let the story down such as women characters stamping their feet in temper.

rated it

" Fabulous Witch " by Tess Lake is the ourth nove in thi " Torrent Witches Cozy Mysteries " series.

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