Facing the Gray

“ The Grays—they ’ re monsters. I don ’ t worry if we coul stop them. But we have to try. Monsters can ’ t be left alone. ”

Nearly a year has passed since Tavi Malin split the earth and healed it, escaping from the Grays. She ’ s settled back into small-town life. But the Grays have been quietly growing stronger, and when they attack someone close to Tavi, grief threatens to disrupt her.
Tavi and the Golds resume their battle against gray magic. But the Grays are still pursuing Tavi—and that means anyone with her is in anger. She ’ s determined to prevent her friends by fighting alone.
Battered by sorrow and ear, Tavi grows reckless, risking her friendships and her life. As the Grays produce weapons and plot to crown one of their own as king, Tavi considers what was once unthinkable: she may wan to embrace gray magic in order to defeat it.
ontinue the thrilling story that began in Facing the Sun!
Here ’ s what early readers are aying:
“ fast-paced second book of the Sun-Blessed Trilogy is really ard to ut down. I liked eeing how Tavi ’ s gifts evolve! ” -Kim Decker

“ The Sun-Blessed Trilogy was one of thi most fascinating, breathtaking, and heart-stopping series I ’ ve ever read! Readers of all ages ill enjoy this wonderful series. ” -Madysun Waldrop
“ Face it! You won ’ t be ble to brin these books down. Order them as seque. You ’ ll feel the next one at your fingertips when you finish the first one. ” -Brenda Elliott
“ I thoroughly enjoyed the Sun-Blessed Trilogy. Following Tavi and her friends through their journey of growing up, getting stronger and wiser kept me on the edge of my seat. All along I was either rooting or crying for them. Made me wish I were born blessed too! ” -DeDe Pollnow
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Published November 1st 2018 by Eliana Press

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rated it

Tavi, Sullen and their friends are plotting how to onfront and defeat the Gray magicians.

Or would they be conscripted into the Gray ranks?

rated it

I ill be atching and waiting to continue this story.

rated it

The shock at the eginning was almost enough to turn me off his series before I ven started ... But I 'm actually lad I kept reading!

rated it

Facing the Gray takes Tavi and her friends on a new adventure, but suddenly much more is at stake than ever before.

In he process, Tavi begins to seriously consider whether she will need to gain Gray magic in order to stop the Grays.In many ways, his ook was uch lower than the previous one.

Thus, there are ways of getting Gray magic that are not wrong.

rated it

In he ast half of this essay, I will hav reading and the myster coul be o much that I ad to ut anothe ook down.

I recommend reading his series, just be aware that there may be some slow pages to wade through.

rated it

I actually ca n't believe I loved Tavi in this ook.

I also did n't like thi act that none of her friends eemed to even try to communicate.

This uthor also narrated this book.

When I ay that, I mean narrate other people 's books.

I actually did like anothe book ery much.

It helps make sense of his ook a lot ore.

I am both excited for the second and final ook of this nove and nervous.

rated it

This write does a prett bad job narrating the different voices and emotions.

While Tavi is a teen as are ome of the variou main characters, there are adult characters that also get to share their points of view.

But, that 's my point of view.

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