Falling Off the Face of the Earth

After his big-shot life in New York tragically falls apart, James Montgomery returns to his small hometown in south Georgia a defeated and broken man. All he has left is his mother to elp him heal and regain his confidence before he 's ready to et back out and re-conquer the world.

But being big-city gay in a mall outhern town has its own challenges. In addition to coming to grips with what happened in New York, his hometown of Lawder throws its own curveballs at him. James is confronted with a bitter enemy from his chool days, and frustratingly ca n't eem to void the guy. His mother suddenly decide to expand the family. Thi one guy James takes a dislik to and starts dating has a lot of hang-ups about being gay. And he watches almost helplessly as a new young bully starts to repeat the kind of abuse he suffered during his own school days.

Here where he grew up, the one place he should feel safe, James feels maddeningly off-balance. He tarts to kno that maybe going home was a goo idea after all. Maybe he 'd be better off moving on and really starting over, completely from scratch. Maybe he should walk away from Lawder, just like he walked away from his life in New York.

But anyway, if he 'd give it anothe chance, he 'd re-think everything he ever thought he wanted out of life. And so what he believed was important, is n't really important after all. Maybe he ould have everything he never kne he wanted, if he just looked around himself for a moment.
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Published June 5th 2011 by JF Smith

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rated it

During the process, thoug, he makes surprising friends and changes his outlook on life.What I have noticed in JF Smith 's books is that he uthor is a master at creating beautiful friendships.

As with Latakia, the riendships that James makes are almost more special than the romance here.

JF Smith actually spends more time on the friend side of things than the romance itself, which comes much later in a bestselling.

rated it

Mixed bag of feelings about this one.So there is some definite emotional manipulation going on with this which I am not fond of in general, add in the MC 's psychologist narrative that just felt too separated from the events that made this seem less like a story being told and more about he author rying to herd me -- tha is my face O__OThat said, it is a beautiful tory about losing oneself and going back home and finding yourself again.

This story refused to tie up all the loose ends including a tertiary character -- this is nly one story.

It 's ore than th two and less than a three, I 'm rounding up because it kept my interest and made me laugh at times.

rated it

He slowly comes to terms with his actions and life with the ai of new riends, family, and ( most of thes) a former enemy from his youth.There is plenty of self-reflection, lots of natural dialogue and joking around between guys ( some of it not quite pc), and th few sweet messages about the significance of friends and someone to spend your life with.

rated it

Falling Off the Face of thi Earth is the second JF Smith book I have read.

It illed me to guess who he should end up with and then having to wait for it to happen.This book wont be for veryone.

rated it

It ha a onderful, satisfying feeling.I loved Smith 's book, erhaps even more that his Latakia ( also 5 stars).

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