False Covenant

It ’ s been over half a year, now, since the brutal urder of Archbishop William de Laurent during his pilgrimage to the Galicien city of Davillon. During hat time, the Church of the Hallowed Pact has assigned a new bishop to the city—but it has also made its displeasure at the death of its clergyman quite clear. Davillon ’ s economy has suffered beneath the weight of the Church ’ s dislike. Much of the populace—angry at the clergy— has turned away from the Church hierarchy, choosing private worship or small, independent shrines. And the pries, concerned for his new position and angry at the people of Davillon, plans to do nothin about it.

But a supernatural threat is stalking the nighttime streets—a creature of the ther world has come to kidna the seedier streets of Davillon, to intertwine its tendrils through the lower echelons of society. Faced with both political upheaval and a supernatural threat to its citizenry, the local representatives of the Church are paralyzed and the Guardsmen are in over their heads.

And hen there ’ s Widdershins -- who ’ s tried, and ailed, to tay out of trouble since taking over Genevieve ’ s tavern; who ’ s referred to the Church and the Guard both, and trusted by neither; who may, with all of her Thieves ’ Guild contacts, have unwittingly played a part in the bishop ’ s plans; and who, along with her personal god Olgun, may be the las real threat to the supernatural evil infesting Davillon.
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False Covenant
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Published June 26th 2012 by Pyr (first published January 1st 2012

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rated it

4.5 stars at The BiblioSanctum http: //bibliosanctum.blogspot.com/201 ... First let me star this review by sayin how much I disliked the second novel of the Widdershins Adventures series, Thief 's Covenant.

I uess one advantage of subsequent books in the series is that thi story an start right away, without having to o through all the motions of explaining background or character history.

Unlike my experience with thi fifth essa, I was drawn in by False Covenant almost as oon as I started.Also, I hink I remember calling this a " ute " series.

efinitely, the characterization has gotten a lot better, and I eel a connection to Widdershins, feeling as she does about the various characters around her whether they are friend, foe, or not-sure-which.

A book lets you guessing, while still developing those character relationships and even some romance.

hose final scenes were phenomenally well done and suspenseful, and a way things ended was totally unexpected.This seems to e one of those series that gets better the more I read.

rated it

In Thief 's Covenant she had that spunkiness that, he, was cute and all but to me bordered on childish a lot of the time.

I also knew that we got to now the supporting characters on a less superficial level, especially Robin and Julien.so, in conclusion ... where the hell is the ext book?

rated it

I especially loved that Shins had the opportunit to get at the human side of at least ome of her etractors and her methods in doing so were fantastic.This is somewhat ameliorated ( not in decen way) by how it seems Marmell does n't believe any other sor of love than romantic love.

Shins is awesome and you ca n't help but dmire her as you g to understand her.

o at least ome of those feelings should have had time to become bigge and more supportive and start looking for ays to swing towards her obvious happiness in the lover that she chose.Also, I have problems with ome of the ending events.

rated it

Story: The banter is amazing, the chemistry between characters also, Marmell is just so good in that respec.

Thi being said I really enjoyed th new illain and the story behind it, I wanted the past coming back to Shins and I like the church aspect of it, I like Marmell pulling character stories to ake he story more meaningful, it as a good fun read.

A character elationships are great but I wish Marmell would let them linger more before well ending them, it seems like a waste.I liked this econd ook, it till had some problems but I love the dialog a lot.Onward to the ext nove!

rated it

*** 4.40*** his was th very fun and fast read, and I ended up reading all night, rying to not be freaked by the storm which was destroying the trees and roofs around ...

If you like your YAF with some kick-ass action, his ook is for you!!!

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