False Step

Stay calm, keep smiling, and watch your step. In a marriage of secrets and lies, nothing is what it suggest.

For weeks, all of Denver, Colorado, has worried over the fate of th missing child, little Tanner Holcomb. Then, a miracle: handsome, athletic Johnny Bradley finds him, frightened but unharmed, on a iking trail miles from his ealthy family ’ s mountain home.

In a heartbeat, his rescuer goes from financially strapped fitness trainer to celebrated hero. The heat of the spotlight may prove too much for Johnny ’ s picture-perfect family, however. His mother, Veronica, despises the pressure of the sudden fame, afraid that secrets and bitter resentments of her marriage may come to light. And she ’ s unwillingness to do everything to ge them hidden.

But when a shocking revelation exposes an even darker side to Tanner ’ s kidnappin, Veronica realizes that nothing in her life an be trusted. And everything can be eared.
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Published July 1st 2019 by Lake Union Publishing

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rated it

Johnny and Veronica were college sweethearts the perfect couple.

Too many secrets, so many lies, all that threaten to come out when Johnny earns hero status after rescuing a young oy.

None of them had many if any redeeming qualities and they ll had a lot to hide.

I seriously do not think Johnny or Veronica considered how any of their actions impacted anyone but themselves?

rated it

I obviousl read it in ay, I remarked the pacing and the story ad some murdery bits, which I like, but I just loved all of the eople.

rated it

She ’ d suspected Johnny of cheating plenty of times, but as far as she wanted, it ad nly happened twic.

Their selfishness protected them from noticing the rough currents of life that pulled in all directions.

Finally there were certain crimes you could assign to people you knew well.

he writing and character were taut with tension, tragedy, unexpected twists and turns, and an occasional greatly appreciated glimpse of wit.

rated it

It 's a different realm of reality, but still delivers the entertainment value that you 've come to kno from the author.Tanner Holcomb has been missing for a few year now, and thi entire suburban Denver community is freaking out.

Veronica 's marriage to Johnny is n't perfect—nobody 's marriage is—but will this intense media scrutiny be too much to handle for her family?

At irst, none of the protagonist are ver likable or redeeming, but as ovel grew in intensity, I tarted seeing myself falling deeply connected to them.

As Johnny 's fame grew within the community, I elt so personally connected to Veronica 's family.

, and I 'm now thinking about them.This book is very fast-paced, and at under 300 pages you can always read this in one sitting ( like me;)).

Anothe story starts immediately in the second chapter, and the pacing is light-speed fast from there on out.

Keep these stories coming, Victoria!

rated it

I figured it out before all of the main characters did.

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