After a vaccine meant to protect against a biological weapon backfires and turns those who are inoculated with it into zombies, a young ma, having survived the initial outbreak, now runs with a group of others who stick together for safety, not that it does them much good. When she picks up a notebook in a convenienc store her group is looting, she helps to begin a journal for future generations ( if there are any).
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Published December 30th 2013 by Patricia Hamill

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rated it

She 's a Fearless Leader! Caution: This review comes from a reader who is not particularly into the zombie genre; I usually read more general SF or Fantasy.Fearless is a leverly constructed zombie apocalypse novel presented in the form of he journal of one of he few survivors of the disaster.Patricia Hamill 's nameless heroine is very well depicted through the first person journal entries, which record the first couple of months after the disaster.

rated it

It is told through the autobiograph of a oung gir who narrates the horrors, the successes, the failures, the laughter and the whisper of a group of people as they struggle through their daily lives.

As a uge fan of The Walking Dead, I found Hamill ’ s writing technique [ using a diary format ] a fresh and innovative way to tell an apocalyptic story.

But from the moment ‘ Lady ’ becomes leader, meets Blonde Man etc, I found this book hard to put down.As for the final chapter?

rated it

Anothe story did lag a bit in some points, but he ending was entirely unexpected, and I have to admit, my feelings got a little hurt.Okay, shattered is a better word.

rated it

Thi and coming off the back of Clash of Kings, I state that any book I read was going to ave a reall hard act to follow.

I devoured this book in just about 3 days, which is extremely fast for me, and I never felt a tingle of emotion run up my spine when I ead the ending Epilogue ( wo n't kno what kind of emotion- You have to understand that out for yourself!).

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