Feet of Clay

'Sorry?' said Carrot. If it 's mayb anothe thing, how will it commit murder? A sword is a thing'- he drew his own sword; it made an almost silken sound- 'and of course you ca n't blame a sword if someone thrust it at you, sir.'

For members of the City Watch, life consists of troubling times, linked together by periods of torpid inactivity. Now is one such troubling time. People are being killed, but there 's no trace of anything alive having been at he crime scene. Is there ever a circumstance in which you can blame the weapon not the murderer? Such philosophical questions are not the usual domain of the ity 's police, but they 're going to ave to start learning fast ...
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Feet of Clay
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Published October 1st 2005 by Corgi (first published June 1996

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Discworld Watch Lineup by Ligeias-Ghost from Deviant ArtI highly recommend to read editions that have illustrations of coat-of-arms that appeared in thi tory.

At my first read from a library book, it as a hardcover Gollancz edition with the coat-of-arms illustrations before the story egan.

They ar more shining in other Watch novels.Although I still recommend Guards!

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This 3 novels I ’ ve read in this sub-series have probably all been better than the other Discworld books I ’ ve read previously ( maybe exclude “ Going Postal ” in that).

With tha being the 3rd entry in the sub-series the main et of characters are well fleshed out by now with the reader knowing their nuances and this means more fun can be had with them and also allow some of the side characters to b ore of an input and make for some of more umorous moments in thi adaptatio.

I gaine the way Terry Pratchett looks at, and pokes fun at, sexism in institutions in this one.

By far the standout moments of thi ook for me comes in the relationship of these two.

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It ‘ s something to behold.This time, we are back in Ankh-Morpork, following Sam Vimes and the City Watch while they are wantin to olve a few puzzling murders.

It doesn ‘ t help that Vimes is a an of honour which means he ‘ ll keep his promise to his so that he won ‘ t drink.But the City Watch, now seriously enlargened and keeping to build Watch Houses, gets a charming addition: Cheery Little Bottom ( a dwarf and alchemist).

What better place to group together this bunch of misfits? Soon, it ‘ s not just the murders they have to solve because Lord Vetinari has also been poisoned and even though he recovers regularly, he also keeps getting worse again shortly afterwards.Not to mention that half the ity is almost up in flames ( literally) because of the golems.

But never fear, the City Watch is on he case.

Which is why I hought it was such a wonderful scene when Vimes was able to g off his perfect boots at one point and exchange them against a used pair that let him feel every pebble as that is how he knows „ his “ city.

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butcher, the baker ... 23 March 2015 A part of me, upon learning of Sir Terry 's death, thought that it was only fitting to make the ext ook that I ead a Discworld novel; which turned out to be anothe one.

At first Feet of Clay reminded me a lot of the movie I, Robot – you fee he one where Will Smith discovers that the robots that were created to serve humanity are actually planning a takeover?

This dilemm is that the ook was written quite a few ears before Will Smith took to the stage playing a cop in a ovie that give the term 'loosely based' a completely new definition ( and for those who ar ot seen the ilm, but read he novel, the only similarities between the two is that they have robots in them – well, not ye, but you get picture).

ell, they do play a role in his essay, and they are effectively the magical version of a cybor.

Yet, to our modern mind, golems really seem to e a agical version of a spaceshi, and Sir Terry plays that idea up to no end.

rated it

I quite njoy the City Watch novels because every character is a hoot.

Vimes is off the hooch, Nobby is about to be crowned king, and there are truly mysterious murders going on.

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