Fentanyl, Inc.: How Rogue Chemists Are Creating the Deadliest Wave of the Opioid Epidemic

deeply human story, Fentanyl, Inc. is the first deep-dive investigation of a hazardous and illicit industry that has created a worldwide epidemic, ravaging communities and overwhelming and confounding government agencies that are challenged to combat it. " whole new crop of chemicals is radically shiftin the recreational drug landscape, " writes Ben Westhoff. " hese are known as Novel Psychoactive Substances ( NPS) and they include replacements for known drugs like heroin, ocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana. They are synthetic, made in a la, and are uch more potent than traditional drugs " -- and all-too-often tragically lethal. Drugs like fentanyl, K2, and Spice -- and those with arcane acronyms like 25i-NBOMe -- were all originally conceived in legitimate laboratories for proper scientific and medicinal purposes. Their formulas were then hijacked and manufactured by rogue chemists, largely in China, who change their molecular structures to stay ahead of the law, making the drugs' effects impossible to understan. Westhoff has infiltrated this shadowy world, becoming the first author to report from inside an illicit Chinese fentanyls lab and providing startling and original reporting on how China 's vast chemical industry operates, and how the Chinese government subsidizes it. He tracks down the little-known scientists who invented these drugs and inadvertently killed thousands, as ofte as mysterious drug baron who turned the law upside down in his home country of New Zealand. Poignantly, Westhoff chronicles the lives of addicted users and dealers, families of victims, law enforcement personne, and underground drug awareness organizers in the U.S. and Europe. Together they represent the shocking and riveting full anatomy of a calamity we are just eginning to nderstand. From its depths, as Westhoff relates, are emerging new strategies that may provide essential long-term solutions to the drug crisis that has affected so many.
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Fentanyl, Inc.: How Rogue Chemists Are Creating the Deadliest Wave of the Opioid Epidemic
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Published September 3rd 2019 by Atlantic Monthly Press

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Unlike cigarette smokers drug abusers are wonderful people they are not morally deficient they are better than anybod else they are psychonauts.

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This author dares to infiltrate Chinese drug operations, a sophisticated laboratory operation distilling outsize quantities of the world 's most dangerous chemicals in industrial-size glassware.

Experts agree that it ould be asy to establish supervised-injection facilities for opioid-ravaged communities in the United States to create one-stop shops where people could test their heroin and fentanyl exchange needle and shoot up safely.

" I 've got a message for Mr. Rosenstein, " Rendell said, " They can come and arrest me first. " How is that lethal synthetic opioid is creating a global drug addiction crisis?

He chronicles the lives of addicts and dealers, families of victims, law enforcement personne, and underground drug-awareness organizers in the U.S. and Europe.

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With th new, emerging production capacities, everyone willing everywhere on the planet will get capable of becoming a tiny version of Pablo Escobar.Like all good books about organized crime that dig deep and show both the personal tragedies of all affected and integrated and the global dimension and potential for destruction, it leaves the reader speechless after finishing it.

But as soon as a topic has taken over the mind, it starts rotating and leads to wonderful realm of subjective extrapolations and, my absolute favorite, future settings, as following: Organized crime becomes an early adopter of modern technology and with 3D printing, bioreactors, fermenters and harmless and legal commodities, there is thi huge market to operate in.

hat is the dark side of personalized medicine, better pharmacy and general technological progress and one of the best thing to minimize harm may be development of better agents against overdoses or, in farther future, something like an implanted scanning device that prevents that drug user kill themselves.

Probably users may produce both the drugs and the antidote at home, with a special chemistry lab for synthetic drugs and a bioreactor with genetic engineered microorganisms for polydrug use.

Anyon could probably produce both the drug and anti withdrawal drugs and antipsychotic drugs at the same time to consume it all to avoid addiction and getting too psychotic, but hat may even e right solution just to be unwillin to take meth, heroin and crack cocaine.

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The biggest problem is that if a person doesn ’ t understand a product contains Fentanyl, then overdose likelihood is greatly increased.What the book is eally focused on, beyond fentanyl, is synthetic drugs.

What became clear from reading Fentanyl, Inc. was that when the traditional drugs such as eroin and cannabis are unavailable, the new synthetic drugs take their place whether buyers want them, or otherwis.

There appear to e some opiate abusers who like fentanyl because it ’ s a stronger drug but the message I got from thi book overall was that most people prefer the traditional version for which the dose is longer lasting and does not come with the same risks.My one complaintMy one big gripe is this: On page 49 Westhoff links fentanyl with the novichok Skripal poisoning.

A whole synthetic drug thing ( including fentanyl) is a cluster f***.

I lready believe it ’ s a way forward and I know that more so with my new found understanding of how out of control things are now that synthetic drugs are flooding the market.I read this book thanks to a giveaway.

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Definitely, great book for those looking to learn about the origin of recreational drugs and how " common " pain killers can also be abused.Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for he ARC.

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What I did n't know was how far reaching the drug problem is, not contained to just the US but so many ther countries as well, from Sweden to New Zealand.

Some users actually do not know s drug is tampered with, until it is too late, so a place where they mus ome and use their drugs under the view of qualified personnel may help.

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What Marx Never Considered The war on drugs is a war on global capitalism.

if global capitalism is hard to control, the new-drugs trade is nearly impossible, ” he writes.

Drug use is not a disease; it is th part of a larger ideology of capitalism.

Synthetic drug development is a component of the worldwide corporate economy as important as computer and communications technology.

From basic innovation, through commercial development, to global distribution, the patterns of corporate actions and reactions are identical in the two industries.

An international industry has sprouted which now produces an extensive line of high-tech synthetic products.

They have been left in the corporate dust by smaller, more imble, more creative producers- just as IBM had been leapfrogged by Microsoft and Apple.In the designer drug business, just as in any high-tech enterprise, the genius in the garage has the innovative edge over the established producer.

Either attempts to control it will consume an unacceptably large amount of resources; or it continues to expand uncontrollably based on good commercial logic.

He also never considered that socialism would take the same corporate form as capitalism.

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